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Monday, May 24, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday!

Today i'm joining in the party over at The House in the Roses to show off my cottage...err cabin. The cottage isn't ready for showing off - that will be next Monday!

Welcome to Robin's Nest - our cabin in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee!

This photo is from the listing when we first started looking for our little slice of heaven. Charming no? Plus 1 for being cute.

It was enough to get us in the door for a peek anyway. This week we will visit this "showing" - that is, photos we took when our fabulous agent took us House Hunting. Hopefully you can see the potential that we did LOL - some of this ain't purdy.

The front deck - as you can see by the first photo - the cabin sits on the side of a rather steep 1 for the awesome long front porch - you know us GRITS love a good porch (that's Girls Raised In The South, bless your hearts) - really it's a requirement. 

 plus 1/2 for having a screened in porch - with a hot tub. A hot tub that obviously needs a little help (actually turns out the only help it's getting is yanked out and replaced, but that's another story). 
 Ummmm....well it has a lounge seat AND a waterfall feature... (yeah it's going, goodbye - according to some posts i've seen lately on Craig's List - it would make a good "Coy Pond" - I guess if you painted it black and put it in the ground you could put some Koi in there and ummm yeah, no - and yes, I know it isn't "coy", but that's what it said on Craig's List...people are dumb).

 Plus 1 for hardwood floors ('s a log cabin it's ALL wood). Minus 10, the appliances are missing. This house was a short sale when we looked at it and in foreclosure by the time we closed. Can we say nightmare? Again - that's another story. 
 Anyone else ever look at photos of homes for sale and think "really? you couldn't put the lid/seat down on the toilet?" Seriously - pick a real estate company and go look at pictures of the bathrooms...see how many have the toilet lookin' like this...why yes, that is a tree painted on the wall. Plus 5 for running water and indoor plumbing ;-)

Large  bedroom down stairs, plus 1.

Plus 3 - walk-in closet, french doors and washer / dryer hook up in the closet. 

 Gas fireplace with stacked stone - plus 5 (still in the hole based on appliances).

Heading upstairs...yep...trash and all (which was actually cleaned up when we got to move in day - i'm sure that was thanks to our fab southern girl agent - shout out to Nik - hey girlfriend! She was a huge help to us since we were out of town - she let workers in and supervised and straight up she was awesome).
 Upstairs master suite...minus 1 - kinda small.
Yep - different view doesn't make it much larger. Still minus 1.
Note the toilet...what did I tell you? Minus 2 for a bathroom you can barely turn around 1 for having glass shower doors - I hate shower curtains. Can anyone tell me WHY cabins have the vanity OUTSIDE the bathroom?
Plus 1 for having a ceiling fan in the master...and high ceiling to open up the small room. 

Plus 100 for having a sunrise view like this off the master suite deck... SOLD!

So there you go - this was our cabin the first time we met her. Stay tuned for posts on how she looks 9 months later - I had a blast shopping for the decor...some of which you have already seen in previous posts. More good stuff to come!


C.A. said...

OMG...I am in love. Your 2nd home is just beautiful, woman. It would be hard for me not to want to go there EVERY WEEKEND. I can't wait to see it in person one day!

Big Hugs....


Anonymous said...

Love the tour. I will be back for updates.
I think the vanity is outside of the bathroom just to cut down on wait time, err, seat time?
And to make water available for those not needing the other amenities. Not a bad feature.

~Robin~ said...

I suppose that's a logical reason for it...but it does have two bathrooms. Such is live - it's fine.