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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekly Sunday Garden Post! It's week 10 -

After some deliberation - we decided to go chemical on the garden - next year we'll go with the "home remedies" but we'll also do it from the get go to head off the inevitable garden pests. Now we know - it's not like we're new to gardening, it's just that this year was the first we had success with the squash (well anything other than greens actually). I will be signing us up for the fall vegetable gardening class at the county extension. Lesson learned. Onward to the photos this week!

I think I would grow squash just for the flowers...
Strawberries! Mr. Paisley got the garden sink put back up (background). I love having it there to wash my hands or the fresh harvest. I picked it up from Bargain Catalog Outlet's website several years ago for $35! Plus I got free shipping on it. Fabulous! They tend to run around $99. This particular one has a small work surface that you slide apart on the top and the then you just pull the goose neck faucet up, make use of the sink basin and then just fold it back in and close it when not in use. Keeps the drain from getting plugged up with leaves and whatnot. Very handy!
The cuke doesn't look so hot - we pulled it back off the tomato and attempted to un-strangle release the banana trees from its death grip. We whipped out some twine and are forcing giving it some gentle encouragement in clinging to the trellis and not the other plants. I think it's just mad that we moved it. We shall see if it shapes up over the next week or so.  The tomato really wants to needs a bigger cage.
Collard greens are doing a little better...and the rosemary is quite happy in a pot this go round.
Yeah baby! I picked that sucker and had it cut, on a skewer and on the grill in about 5 minutes. A little olive oil, fancy pink Himalayan salt and pepper - yum! Actually, it was enough for 3 skewers and I shared it with my mom and sister-in-law. They were over for our Memorial Day party - good times!
 One of the petunias...
The poinsettia...suppose it will get to be 5' tall again by Christmas?
Still blooming...
The other petunia and our latest garden addition - Mr. Owl ($3.99 at the Goodwill)

Be sure to check out tomorrow's post - it goes back to the hint of a project I posted about Here - with the Week 9 Garden Update

I hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day and THANK YOU to all our military men and women - past, present and future!

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