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Friday, May 7, 2010

Today's project...

Two weeks ago I bought outdoor canvas to recover the chairs of one of my patio sets. This is a vintage wrought iron set that was given to me when I first bought my house in 1997 (when I was 23 and well, broke after buying a house). For years it was my kitchen table. I grew up with a wrought iron patio set in the eat-in kitchen. I still remember how UNCOMFORTABLE those chairs were! Wearing shorts was the worst! When you got up you had that lovely diamond pattern in the back of your thighs and it hurt! Ahhh memories...

Lucky for me - this set has padded seats. They've been recovered (by me) twice before today. They also still have the original harvest gold velvet on them...still not my style, so I just keep covering it up with something new!

I picked up this cute FUN retro feel brown fabric at Joann ETC when they had all the outdoor canvas 50% off. Even then it was still $9 a yard. Cheap enough for a quick redo! I dug out my trusty PowerShot staple gun and went to town - in about forty minutes I went from faded chili peppers to fabulous chocolate brown with pops of sunny gold, limey and olive greens, and cranberry (which matches my recently repainted exterior doors - the cranberry, not pops of all those colors...that would just be...odd).
I still need to decide on a color for the wrought iron...since I went with chocolate brown, I was kicking around either ORB (the infamous Oil Rubbed Bronze) or something bronze-ish in one of those metal finishes (hammered maybe?) Anyone have any thoughts? They've been white as long as I've had them (they were a lovely orange-y terra-cotta prior to that...can you imagine?)...they're due for a change!
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