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Monday, May 10, 2010

Wow - today nearly slipped right by me!

It is nearly 11:30pm - holy cow the day flew by! 

Today i'm going to share my weekly garden photos. I take photos every Sunday afternoon - or at least I have been since we planted the garden this year. Sometimes I throw in random other plants that are in bloom around the yard. Since we live in Central Florida - stuff grows year round, flowers, fruits and veggies are no exception. Since the suspense is killing you - i'll get on with gettin' on...

Strawberries....the two ripe ones that you can see in this photo were picked this afternoon!
The vine that is taking over is my cucumber. There is actually a black wrought iron garden ornament that is roughly 30" high in there. If you look real close, you can see the sort of spiral "ball" on the very top of it (look just below the red petunia that is farthest to the right). Lots of blooms, no fruit. This is the first time we have planted a cuke. Evidently, we're missing something. 

This is an acorn squash - there is another smaller one in the background. It fell off sad for my little acorn squash . At least the larger one seems to be thriving. LIVE little squash - I can taste you now! All sweet and roasted with a little brown sugar and balsamic glaze...
This is basically all of my squash and zucchini plants. At the bottom left you can see some of my collard greens (and that tall one poking up thru the squash). That is 6 plants. Insane isn't it?!
How cute are my tiny little squashes?!
Red petunias...I have a basket hanging at each end of the garden - the flowers help attract bees and such to do the pollinating!  
 Pardon my split leaf - it's just happy to see you.

The aloe is also blooming. Evidently...nothing will kill purple queen Not even a real winter in you can clearly see, there is still a mass of that. The pathetic dead thing in the clay pot was a pineapple. The sticks in the ground were an 8' tall corn plant (Dracaena Fragrans, not like corn on the cob corn). Not much left of that. Rainbow Curly Leaf Crotons at the far end .