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Saturday, September 11, 2010

More curtain options...

Ok, well 1 option. I have these in my office, guest room and kitchen. They're actually too long for the kitchen due to where we had to mount the rods...I could put the white sheers in the kitchen...or take down the rods.

Yep, same junk still there. I'm short...need the step stool to get to the rod! So in this photo they're just inside the brackets.
 In this one I pulled the rod out and have the panel on the left mostly outside the bracket - of course this makes the window look larger. The drapes won't need to be closed, so they don't need to be operational. The current blinds will be replaced - probably with 2" white / off white wood blinds because I open them first thing in the morning on days that i'm home. Let there be natural light!