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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shop till you drop!

That's what I did today...well this morning anyway.

My friend Sabrina sent her hubby off to the beach with their 3 boys and she and I went runnin' around crossing things off my to do list!

She makes jewelry - so we HAD to go to Hobby Lobby - which just opened here a week ago this past Friday. Lord have mercy, half of Orlando was in that store. Luckily, they had ALL the registers up and running and things were moving along. Oh how I love that store...can't wait for the new-ness to wear off so you can actually browse. I'm guessing that won't be until after the holidays. I bought some over sized acorns for part of my fall mantle decor at the cabin. 

I saw them here on Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures blog. 
Of course she doctored them up and made them GORGEOUS...which I may TRY to do.

I actually bought both sizes as well. They're $2 and $3 each...a little pricey in my opinion, but I do love them so.

While we were at this shopping plaza, we popped into Big Lots where I scored a 5 space matted black photo collage frame for $20. This will be turned into a Christmas gift. Which you will not see here until after Christmas, because there are too many prying eyes in blog land *wink wink*

While I was at Big Lots, I also picked up some Zote soap so I can whip up some more laundry detergent $.90 a bar.  And I scored some Rustoleum spray paint for $2 a can. I got Army Green (your basic olive green) and one of the ones for plastic that is Beige. Actually, I would call it tan, but they chose to name it beige. The Beige will come in handy when we fix the offset umbrella that broke last week   I may go back and pick up the assorted hammered and texture finishes that they have. You never know when they'll come in handy and you can't really beat $2. Better yet if I get that 20% off coupon from my Buzz Rewards card. I think my purchase today should have hit that target. Yippy!

Then I picked up this 6 space matted collage frame for 50% off at Michael's.
Followed by this super cool 5 space matted collage frame with small square photo slots for $4.99 at Goodwill. It's small, which makes it cool. It's also brand new. The price tags have been peeled off it, but the glass has never been cleaned, so one would assume it's never been used. The frame is kind of a black brown with a grainy texture. I might paint it straight black.
While I was at Goodwill I snagged a Nicholas Sparks book that I haven't read yet...The Wedding. For $.99. I'm saving it for the trip to TN next month. I will probably finish it on the 11 hour drive up to the cabin. Luckily, I have a vintage picnic basket full of trashy romance novels at the cabin - in case I need something to read once I get there. Not then i'll have my fancy schmancy new Android phone and know how that goes. New toy!

We popped into Stein Mart and I left empty handed  I handed over my 25% extra off red dot clearance coupon to Sabrina since she had snagged a super cute handbag. She ended up paying around $12 for it. Go Sabrina!

We also ran into Avenue - holy cute shoes batman! I didn't buy any, but was sooo tempted. I did however pick up a smocked top black tunic length tank top for $9.96 and this cute sheer tunic - only it's black with a little lurex thread in it for some sparkle. I paid $14 for it. 
Love it! I also spied a couple of dresses and at least one sweater that I MUST have for fall...of course i'll be waiting for either an email coupon or a sale. They weren't expensive, but I know as soon as I buy it i'll get a coupon, so I might as well wait a couple of days and just pay less for them LOL.

Here's one of the sweaters...
and these shoes! LOVE!
Onward...we dropped by Smoky Bones for lunch - mmm mmm mmm pulled pork, baked potato and broccoli. 15% off of course...I always have a coupon.

Back to shopping - then I hit CVS since it's the last day for the ad. 

4 12 packs of Diet Coke (4/$14 + $4 in extra bucks)
4 2 liter bottles of Diet Coke ($.99 each)
2 boxes of HerbaShine 10 minute hair color 2/$11, plus I had 2 $3 off coupons (that makes them $2.50 each)
2 bags of Pieces candy (I got York and Almond Joy) for the candy jar at work. 2/$5, plus 2 $.50 off coupons so $2 each.
2 bottles of Purex laundry detergent $3.99 each plus $2 back in extra bucks on each one.
1 bottle of Nivea for men body wash $4.99, plus $4.99 back in extra bucks, plus I had a $1 off coupon (woo hoo, I made $1 on that one)
Eyeliner pencil (not on sale - $5.49 and I probably had a coupon for it at home, oh well)
In addition to my manuf. coupons I also had a $3 off card from CVS that came in the mail as well as a $3 off hair color coupon from the kiosk (brings my 2 boxes of dye down to $1 each - beats $135 at the salon) Oh and I had a BOGO coupon from CVS on the Pieces candy. So I actually got those for $1.50...or $.75 each. Much better than the regular price of $3.99.

I ended up with $12.99 in extra bucks. So after I unloaded my haul into the car, I went back in and picked up 3 more bottles of Purex (limit 5 per household) and a magazine for $1.79 and with my extra bucks I paid less than $3 out of pocket.

I'm currently working on my CVS list for tomorrow when the new ad starts. I get the ad early in the Wednesday newspaper mailer thing that tends to come on Thursdays now.  Not a whole lot on my list, but stocking up on detergent still. They have a deal on some stuff with coupons that will print at the kiosk. One is $2 off 2 bottles of Xtra laundry detergent. So you can get 2 for $2 after the coupon.  They also have some Post cereals BOGO. Hopefully there will be a coupon in the paper tomorrow. Still a good deal even if there isn't. They've also got Quaker instant oatmeal $2/5 plus $2 in extra bucks so they're 2/$3 and I have 2 $1 off coupons so 2 boxes for $1. Sign me up! May pick up some ALL detergent as well. $4.99 with $1 in extra bucks plus I have coupons for $1 (limit 3). Pretty good deal...aside from that, a can of EDGE shave gel for Mr. Paisley - $2.79 plus a $1.80 extra buck makes it $.99 and I have a $.75 coupon so $.24 is pretty good LOL.  ACT mouthwash is BOGO 50% off. I have coupons, might wait for a better deal.


Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures said...

Girl I am worn out just reading about your shopping. You must be tired. Thanks for the shout out about the acorns. They are so cute huh? I am glad you found some. I would love to have a cabin. That sounds so fun. The book The Wedding. You are gonna love it. Have you read or seen the NotebooK? Same characters.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you and Sabrina went!
Love the acorns! You got lots of bargains!!

~Robin~ said...

Tracy - check back later this week for my update on how the acorn altering went LOL - in typical Paisley fashion it was an experience.