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Thursday, September 23, 2010

giddy giddy giddy!

I am a geek when it comes to crafty stuff. Today has been somewhat of a roller coaster of emotions. Sad really, now that I think about it. Sad that I get stupid over stuff like this LOL.

Last night I was checking the free section of Craig's List. What did I see? OH MY!


I immediately emailed the poster of this ad. 

What part of Apopka? I'd love to have these, but wouldn't be able to pick them up until after work tomorrow (Wednesday). I work in Maitland, off at 6:15...

Went to bed not long before the response came back. Checked my email this morning, nothing. Evidently the ol' iMac didn't pull my new email when I opened my mailbox this morning. I'm really NOT a fan of this thing...people love them. I'm not one of them. So around lunch time I checked my mail from work...and there's the reply from last night. CRAP! 

I won't be home after 6:15 but will be in the Winter Park area near
Fairbanks/17-92. If you'd like to meet around 6:15-6:30, I'll bring them with me.

So I reply while saying a little prayer "please please please still have these and I hate that *%&^@ iMac!"

Crud - I checked my email this morning and I guess my computer mail program didn't pull my email down as i'm just now getting this (already at work). I'm assuming you're already out and about for the day. If not, I'd be happy to meet somewhere in that area. My office is in that area and I usually avoid I-4 going home and take Wymore down to Fairbanks and cut thru the backroads of Winter Park so totally on my way :-)

If you happen to have taken them with you - let me know and i'll be more than thrilled to meet you. My cell # is XXX (call or text) and my work email is XXX.

A few minutes later I get another message...

A lady is suppose to come today by 2 pm and pick them up. If she doesn't show, getting them to Winter Park still may work today.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Curses you stupid stupid iMac!

A little while later "spindle lady" texts me "call about spindles" - dialing...quickly. She tells me this woman is supposed to pick them up and hasn't shown up and that there's another one as well who also hasn't turned up. If they're still here when she leaves at 4, she'll bring them and meet up with me.  Awesome...more prayers that these ladies don't swoop in just as she's getting in the car to leave...nervously I watch the clock and try to distract myself with work...which I have PLENTY of at the office. 4:00...sweating bullet.  She calls again "it's me the spindle lady" they haven't shown up so i'll meet you on the North side of the church...6:15 or a little after. GREAT! I will be there! 6:15 rolls around and I am OUT THE DOOR. 

Get in the truck and as i'm pulling out of the parking lot I get a red light on the dash. What the heck? It says BRAKE and under it there is a red exclamation point in a red circle in red parenthesis. Seriously...WTH does that mean? Other than "somethin' ain't right wit'cho brakes" Grand. So I call Mr. Paisley because (of course) there is no owner's manual in the truck to look up what the issue may be. The fact that it's a RED light and not a GREEN light tells me it's not good...but beyond that I have no idea. He asks me if i'm driving with the parking brake on. Really? No. In fact i've never used the parking brake in the truck because it's an the mustang? Sure...every time it's parked. I said "well go look it up, i'll be home soon" to which he replied "hopefully..." Really? So maybe the brakes will go out and i'll rear end some schmuck in a Smart Car - yes, I know they have great crash test ratings...but really, did you test it against a turbo diesel powered land yacht (Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab with the 8' bed) doing 60? Seriously...I could put 2 Smart Cars in the bed of the think you're going to make it out of a crash with this thing? Mental note, keep good distance between truck and vehicle ahead...just in case. Not 2 minutes later, Spindle Lady calls again - she's running late. That's ok! I'll be there waiting! I don't really know if she was late or not, I was only there waiting for her for less than 10 minutes. No skin off my back...and I made it home without rear ending anyone and the brakes worked just fine. Mr. Paisley called right as I turned onto our street to ask how the truck was...the truck is fine. So am I thanks for asking since i'm the one strapped into the death trap on wheels. I just turned onto the street, be there in a sec. Goodbye... pull in, he's there in the driveway - as I get out he said "it's not even listed in the Haye's manual and the stuff online was pretty generic" So he pops the hood and pokes around. You know what it was? It was low on brake fluid. Filled it more light. AND I got my spindles...

Stay tuned for spindle craftiness! I'm makin' plans, but if you have any spindle projects, share them in a comment! As you can see, I have plenty to work with and the more ideas the better!

I gave Spindle Lady my Paisley Pumpkin card and pointed out my blog addy on the back "check it out - you'll see these turn up there in their new life!" so Donna the Spindle Lady - if you're reading this...
THANK YOU (again)! I'm ridiculously giddy over these beautiful pieces of wood...can't wait to start a project! Oh and I told my husband...he just rolled his eyes. LOL


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Your take on everyday is hilarious! Where did you get your sense of humor?