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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1 - here we go again!

September 1 - in my mind today is the start of the fall season. Pay no attention to the calendar. September, October, November...that's autumn in my book. Yes, it is still 90+ degrees here in Florida. This morning was actually pretty nice and I drove to work with the windows down...It was in the mid 70s with low humidity (thanks to that ginormous storm sitting off the coast - everyone wave to Hurricane Earl and say a little prayer for my NC friends that it stays off the coast and doesn't put a giant dent in their Labor Day weekend).

Back to September 1. Start of a new month. Start of a new season (in my book), time for me to get my act together. Last night I spent an hour looking for my South Beach Diet and Insulin Resistance Diet books. I found the SB book and spent 30 minute or so with it as a refresher.

See where this is going? Yep - it's September 1 and it is Day 1 of Phase 1 (again) of South Beach Dieting for me.

I did the 2 weeks of Phase 1 last April and lost 15 pounds in those 14 days. Toward the end of week 2 there was a 2 day period that I didn't lose. Up until then it was 1 pound  a day. The morning of day 14, the "missing" days of weight magically disappeared. That's not to say everyone loses a pound a day. In fact the normal range for SB Phase 1 is 8-13 pounds. My plan had been to go from Phase 1 into The Insulin Resistance Diet...but then I misplaced my book....which is uhhh still misplaced...but I've got 2 weeks to find it...and if I don't, well, i'll just start Phase 2 of SB until it turns up.

Aside from today being the 1st of the month, 2 weeks is pretty easy (plus the diet is easy to stick to - at least for me it is) and i'm working on figuring out a weight loss goal to meet for our next trip to the Cabin. That's in're not supposed to do Phase 1 more than 3 weeks. I might try 3 weeks...we'll see at the end of 2.

This morning I made myself a 3 egg omelet with mushrooms and reduced fat cheese.

Time for change!
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grace2882 said...

Good luck. I know that you can do it.