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Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Ceiling Fan in the Living Room

Picked up a new ceiling fan at Home Depot this morning. I had found one I liked online for $119 in the "new lower price" section. Got to the store, saw this one that I actually liked better and WOOT! Only $80 - sweet! Mr. Paisley wasted no time taking my beloved reverse painted glass palm tree fan down to put this one  up. It's a ceiling hugger and it makes the ceiling look higher - totally used to the other fan that had an upper and lower light fixture, plus it wasn't a ceiling hugger so it hung quite a bit lower. Let's just say that I can't change the light bulbs in this fan without a step stool. I'm not 100% sure mine is tall enough.  At any rate, here it is - it's a 52" Hampton Bay Carriage House II.

The metal is an oil rubbed bronze finish and I put the blades together with the dark walnut side showing (rosewood on the other). No more blue! At least in the ceiling fan...still working on the sofa situation. Oh and I think I like the curtains...notice they're still there. 

Off to do some baking! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon ~


Anonymous said...

Love your new ceiling is the exact same one that we have in our living room. Same side of the fan blades showing. Got it from Home Depot too. Great minds think alike!!