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Friday, September 3, 2010

South Beach Day 3

Last night our plans got a little uhhh unplanned - which messed up dinner. We ended up going to our favorite local Italian place at 8:30 and I had a big salad...and a cheese calzone. Yeah, not the best option, but dang it was good. On the plus side, this morning i'm down 2.6  pounds. I love having a fancy scale that does the .2 increments.

I'm not loving my breakfast. I scrambled 4 eggs (figuring i'd save some for a mid morning snack) with a little shredded cheese and some mushrooms. For some reason...they suck. Luckily I also grabbed the leftover Apple Bourbon pork loin...there were only 2 small chunks though. I guess we'll see how long that holds me over. I also have another slice of leftover London Broil that was going to be lunch (of course i'm now remembering that I didn't grab another box of veggies to go with it). Guess i'll be going out for lunch today.

I'm busy making a lot of plans (or lists really) of what I'd like to get done over this three day weekend. Mr. Paisley has been patching the drywall in the living room to prep for the new paint. Today he's going to swing by HD and pick up the stuff to change out the light switches and receptacles. As we work on rooms we're changing everything out to rocker switches and flat outlets. The switch by the door happens to have four switches. Since the house is so old, it wasn't wired for overhead fixtures. When I bought it, the ceiling fan in the living room had the chain swagged over to the wall outlet. So one switch is for the outlet under the front window. One is for the two porch fans. Another is for the Outlets in the ceiling on the porch (I had Mr. P wire up outlets in the ceiling for my Christmas cords to hide!) and the last switch is for the porch lights. *whew* - a giant 4 panel rocker switch coming soon to a wall near me.

Aside from painting, I want to get some stuff posted on Craig's List and get some stuff cleaned up around the house. I might even pull all the window screens and clean them. Then there's the standard...laundry and regular house cleaning stuff. I might try to get a couple of little projects done so I have something more interesting to post on my blog....