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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying to usher in Fall in Florida...

It's mid September and aside from my year round pumpkins, I have nothing decorated for fall. It's just been too darn hot! 

Last night actually started to feel like fall. I made a late night run to CVS and there was a great breeze and *gasp* it wasn't HOT! Dare I say it was ALMOST cool enough to open the windows and turn off the AC...almost. Not quite. 

Yesterday I mentioned picking up the Hobby Lobby acorns that I had seen on Tracy's blog. She dry brushed hers with mint green paint and the glazed them brown. They are fabulous! Of course, I am #1 not that talented and #2 sometimes a bit lazy when it comes to crafting. I admit it...that's always the first step right?

Of course I didn't have mint green paint. So I dug around in my office trash can and found a mixing bowl. Ok, it's the end of a 12 pack that had a My Coke Rewards code on it that I already entered. Whatever - it works.

Where I mixed up some Vanilla and Leaf Green to make something somewhat mint-ish.
They were in my stash...

So here is an awesome totally staged photo (right) of 2 with way too much paint, 1 that was pretty good (changed technique) and 2 untouched.
Here we are (yep, we've moved to the kitchen because Mr. P needed the computer because he just cut the end off his new clutch cable because he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing and thought it was the old one...gotta love a waste of money!) Pardon the schmootz on the side, hadn't cleaned up from another project this morning (more on that later). I whipped out a sanding block and cleaned up the two that were overly painted. Somewhat better. The small one that looks more green already had a coat of "glaze" (this is where lazy comes in). I have's out in the shed. It's a long walk from the back door to the shed. So I watered down some dark brown paint.

In this photo the middle large one is also glazed...
Not feeling it.
Now we're all glazed and they look ummm like crap.
Favorite brown Crystal ink pad to the rescue! Yep...the two that look better were inked.
Voila!  I don't know why two of them look like they have metallic copper caps...must be the finish with the flash. They're just brown like the others. A little more contrast between the cap and the acorn than the original finish. Works for me! Now if only I had my mantle's still a bit warm, but the wind is blowing (maybe because of Igor? I dunno...I think it's still more than 300mi off the coast, but i'm sure it's causing changes in our weather). Since I was feeling festive, I even whipped up a new fall bow for a picnic basket (rescued from the trash) that I situated some silk mums in on the front porch. Nothing to get excited'll be going to the cabin next month.


Anonymous said...

Your acorns turned out great!!

~Robin~ said...

Thank you! They're growing on me :-)