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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Almost to the halfway mark - Day 4

Before I get into Day 4's task, check out Heaven Essence my cousin Amanda sent me a large bowl candle and a bag of heart shaped lotion bars. You HAVE to try these things! At first I didn't think i'd like them - the lotion bars seem thick and sticky when you start rubbing them on your skin, but within a few minutes that feeling is gone and your skin is just super soft! I really like it a lot!

On to the saga of the missing UPS delivery. Seems our regular UPS guy is on vacation or something and some yahoo is covering his route. Lucky us. Luckier that Mr. P was outside when he delivered my new outdoor rug - turns out he delivered our missing Wednesday package to the neighbor's house at the side door. Evidently, it was because our mailbox is closer to his driveway  than his own mailbox (our driveways are right next to each other), my mailbox is beside the driveway - well between the two. He has a sidewalk that goes from his front porch to the street and his mailbox is beside that. Right square in the middle of his house. This reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw yesterday. 

Or the end of the BS show "The MENSA convention has left the building" So Mr. P is thinking "sweet! I can get the box back". Wrong. Our neighbor (who is a complete ummm arse to women in general) hooked up with a woman who (he says) is from Columbia. She does not speak to us. She will not answer the door. Mr. P and Mr. UPSman stood at the door knocking for a good 5 minutes while she sat there doing whatever on the computer (all the blinds are up). Seriously...give me the freaking box - not only did the UPS man not really look at the address, but either she also didn't or she just doesn't care and plans to ignore it until the neighbor gets back. His truck has been gone a few days - assuming he's working out of town. Great. Hope your house doesn't catch on fire, no point in the neighbors banging on the door. 

So I wrote a note and taped it to the door. She'll probably ignore that too. I should call my brother in law and have him come over in uniform. She'd probably pull the blinds and pretend she's not home...

On to day 4 - today's task, PACK. Yep, aside from getting the rest of the stuff into the storage unit, we need to have everything loaded up for the trip and Mr. P needs to get his tools cleaned up in the back yard. 

Mr. Paisley has run 4 loads of stuff to the storage unit since I got home. I don't know why...I could have shoved it all into one load.'s getting done.

I have laundry going, it's been raining since I left work at 6:15...should be a fun night.
Actually, we might leave the loading up part until tomorrow. Get it all gathered up tonight and pack in in the truck when we get home from work. Mr. P gets off early because...well that's how it is where he works. When you go off being on-call you leave at 1 on Friday. That said, today my supervisor said "we're going home at 3 tomorrow - i've had enough of this week already". SWEET - that's an extra 2 hours!

Sorry for the boring posts...they'll get better starting Saturday!
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