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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 5! Halfway mark...

I didn't finish the packing yesterday :-( 

We also didn't get the truck loaded...because it was raining...and was raining when I left work at 6:15 yesterday, it's still raining at 9:30 this morning. The fact that there is no sign of the sun leads me to believe it will continue raining for awahile. Oh joy!

I actually would have had my clothes all packed last night, but I had some of them hanging on rack on the back porch to dry and...well they got rained on. So they're drying again. Should be good to go when I get home...just have to fold and toss 'em in the suitcase.

I have a list (shocking...that's what Mr. Paisley would say) of what I still need to throw in there. Everything for the truck is piled up in the living room (yeah, the one I cleaned as task #1).

I'm confident we will leave earlier than when we had originally planned (since I have a 2 hour extra window thanks to my supervisor).

Task #5 is to get some software downloaded on the netbook.