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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

day 10

Day 10! My how time flies...

Today the roofer is coming back – I did not plan ahead. I did not bring a checkbook (I never write checks) and I didn't take out a wad of cash. Of course we bank at a local credit union and I wasn't willing to run around town getting “cash back” from using my debit card to come up with $250 to pay the man. So I bit the bullit and paid the double ATM fees. UGH! I hate wasting money like that! I did notice that you can get your money out in $10 incriments here – I haven't seen an ATM like that in years at home.

I made a fabulous Italian mushroom and cheese omelet this morning (again) with Wright brand bacon. We had to try it after hearing that dumb commercial (you know – the one with the guy at the therapist's office talking about how he swiped his kid's bacon and blamed the dog andhe keeps an emergency slice of bacon in his wallet). They had it at the Super Walmart when we did our grocery shopping so into the cart it went. It's pretty good. I won't be keeping any in my wallet though.

After breakfast we went to Lowe's to return $30 worth of stuff that Mr. Paisley over estimated on, then over to Home Depot (way cheaper here) to pick up 8 more hostas (we now have Patriot, Francis Williams, Dream Queen, Fragrent something-or-other, and Wide Brim) – Mr. Paisley also picked up a pik-axe. He got blisters from using the shovel yesterday. Mr. Paisley's “new” job has given him pansey hands LOL. He's no longer used to this manual labor thing...poor baby.

I picked up more spray paint to finish my rockers, clear coat to give them a little extra protection, a razor scraper (because I love them LOL and needed one) and more staples for the staple gun so I can fix my wall plate.

Today's task is finishing the rockers and hanging artwork above the headboards in both bedrooms. Should be easy peasy.

Last night we had a fantastic dinner at Ye Olde Steakhouse in Knoxville. We both had an 8 oz fillet (they cut their meat to can get bigger than what is on the menu, but not smaller...8 oz is the menu size), garden salad with their really good homemade bleu cheese dressing, and a baked potato. They also bring out crocks of port wine cheese and a basket of crackers, plus dinner rolls.

Needless to say we were stuffed. They have awesome desserts though – To Go! I had the chocolate Italian crème cake, Mr. Paisley got his velvet cake. Nuke them for 20 seconds in the microwave – to die for. Seriously.

Today is a scorcher (so says the news anchor) – gonna hit 97 today...eventually. Nice breeze today – haven't broken a sweat yet being outdoors. In Florida I start sweating just walking from the front door to my car at 8 am.

Sales tax here stinks. I had some extra bucks that were expiring today for CVS. So I picked up 2 cartons of Edy's Ice Cream since it was BOGO and the Bio True contact solution since it was on sle for $2.99 and free after Extra Bucks, plus a 6' extension cord that was on clearance for $1.20. Tax 1 is 9.75% = $.25 and Tax 2 is 8.25% = $.21. That's $.46 in tax on a $1.20 extension cord! I guess it makes up for the cheap property taxes...but still. OUCH!

still can't post photos for some reason :-(


C.A. said...

Pay the roofer in slices of bacon. Problem solved!