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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 3! 10 in 10

So I forgot to click "publish post" last night...such is life. 

Business cards are done - at least designed. I need to print them on the business cards - might do that tonight. We'll see. One side is the Paisley Pumpkin banner, the other side is a million ways to contact me or find me on the web.

Day 3's task isn't really limited to one day. It was to get everything off the porch and into the new storage unit. Progress has been made, but it's not done yet. We actually started this on  Monday. Luckily Mr. Paisley gets to hand off the "on call phone" when he gets to work tomorrow (errr today since I forgot to publish this post yesterday). That means he'll be home at a somewhat normal time and he will hopefully have the rest of it done when I get home...

Here is the porch mess that started last Friday - 

Mostly bins of car parts and of course car parts that are too big to fit in bins. In addition to what you see, there is also a large vintage solid wood desk, a cart that used to hold my sailboard (sold that a few years ago since I don't live on a lake anymore...), an engine and an engine hoist. Everyone has a spare engine laying around right? Totally normal. As of today (errr yesterday since I didn't publish the post)everything you see in the last shot is gone (except for the wood door and the boat chair - the boat chairs stay here). 

The stuff that still needs to be moved is a lot of what is in the first shot - bumpers and whatnot that is laying on the bench. Should be able to get it out of here in one more load. *whew* Can't take the mess anymore!

Yes - my flowerbeds need work...that will not be on the 10 in 10 list...but it is on another list. Remember the LIST post? I like lists...I also like containers. They make stacking easy...and label one knows what is in the container when it isn't clear.

Sterilite 18888004 66-Quart Latch Box See-Through with White Lid and Peacock Latches, 4-PackRubbermaid 221300DIM Roughneck Storage BoxSterilite 18351006 30-Gallon Tote Box, Lapis, 6-Pack
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