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Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 8 so soon?

Today was a pretty good day – I love the differences between the states I call home. Today it got up to 93 degrees here in East Tennessee. That's the big thing on the news. “It's a hot one” - being from FL where upper 90s is the norm in the summer months – I have to laugh. Humidity was 53%. We went to Lowe's and Home Depot today and both of the garden centers had fans and misters going to keep shoppers cool. Again...gotta laugh! They don't do that in Florida...honestly, the way they're acting up here you'd think it was 115. In fact at noon today it was only 85.

I did all the cleaning – amazing how many spider webs accumulate in a short time. I hate spider webs...

I also took a nap! I never get to do that.

I also repainted one of my rocking chairs. My aunt was here a couple of weeks ago and she painted them. The color was good...but i'm pretty sure she painted them in the cabin – I know this because she's crafty, talented and beyond handy. When I took them out to the deck I had to laugh. There were big raspberry pinky-purple streaks and spots that were still raspberry with not a hit of the Federal Red that she had painted them. Being a Gen X-er I want immediate gratification...she used a brush and a quart of exterior paint. I ran to Home Depot and bought a can of Colonial Red Rustoleum spray paint and knocked it out in 20 minutes. Sorry Auntie Alyce – I'll use the rest of the paint though!

We also got the railing baskets up – Auntie Alyce also replanted the 2 that we already had up so we went to buy more of the plants she put in there (sweet potato vine, asparagus fern, dusty miller) and Home Depot and Lowe's both had no asparagus fern. We did score 5 Curly Leaf Crotons (for the FL house) for $1.50 each off the clearance rack. We also picked up 2 Hosts because I wanted them – and I had a HD Garden Club coupon for BOGO perennials. Mr. Paisley also got a timer wired up to run the rope lights we put up on the deck last time we were here. We also go the hanging baskets up, but I need to decide what to put in them. I'm thinking I might go with something fake...I don't have anyone to come water them and they won't get rained on where they're hanging.

Mr. Paisley also got all the back deck screens redone.

Nothing really exciting today – since it's still part of the holiday weekend, we didn't really venture out to do anything fun because the traffic is still a little crazy. Sears called at 7:30 this morning (seriously? 7:30?!) to say they would be delivering the replacement microwave (woo hoo for home warranty) between 9-11. Dandy...since i'm already up now then while I was making a fabulous mushroom and cheese omelet with bacon on the side, Mr. P made some phone calls. Before noon tomorrow: the installer will be here for the microwave (sure, Mr. P could do it, he put the other one in, but since we paid $55 for the home warranty service call, we'll just let them do it LOL), the roofer will be here, and a foundation guy will be here. Fabulous. Then we'll have the afternoon free – might stop at the Super Walmart and the Kmart Garden center to see if we can find some asparagus fern to finish the deck baskets.

Day 7 was successful – marked several things off the “honey do” list for this trip and we've still got the rest of the week! We're looking into running over to Bryson City, NC and hopping on the Smoky Mountain Railroad. We'll see-

I have photos to post, but the uploads keep failing via The Diner's wifi - i'll keep trying though :-)