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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The great Florida

If you live in're probably not far from a body of water. We have a couple of lakes within walking distance. One is just 2 blocks away...

So when I turned on to our street I said to myself "what in the world..."

and as I got closer...
Ah yes...a rather large turtle.
Of course I called Mr. Paisley and he came running down the street - kid in a candy store kinda day for him where there's a reptile involved.
Turtle really wasn't thrilled about it.
But she couldn't pull herself any more inside her shell!

Mr. Paisley walked her down to the lake and set her on the shore...she didn't move. He sat and watched her for 15 minutes or so before he picked her up and put her on the boat which point he says she stuck her head out and then took off like a shot into the water and as far away from him as possible. 

While our street is pretty quiet...there is A LOT of traffic between us and the lake. I would hate for turtle not to make it back she's been helped along - back where she belongs.

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