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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 6!

Oh my...

While I was ready to leave early yesterday, Mr. Paisley took a few extra hours off work and was home at 11:30. He mowed the lawn and got all the iguana rations ready before I got home. Sweet! Then decided to take a nap. It was after 6 when we left. So much for getting a head start.

Traffic wasn't bad, I was tired, but didn't take a nap until after we stopped for dinner. That was a minor fiasco. We decided on Cracker Barrel because I needed a birthday card. Mr. Paisley missed the exit for the Gainesville Cracker Barrel. I was starving because I decided not to make a snack while he was napping...and I had lunch early (for me) since  I normally leave work early on Fridays anyway. Normal lunch time for me is 1:30 or 2. I ate at 12:30 on Friday...but the time we got to the Lake City Cracker Barrel it was 9pm. It was packed...I guess it's the only place to eat in Lake City.

Aside from that - it was awful. I like CB - but this was just not a good night. I got the fried shrimp - which was more or less warm. My carrots were hot (the top ones) and ice cold (the bottom ones). The corn bread was not hot. The steak fries were not even warm (I ordered a baked potato, but they didn't have any). I asked for some mayo on the side and I got a side of actual side dish bowl FULL of mayo. Weird...yeah, it was just not good period. But I got the birthday card.

We rolled in at the in-laws' house in Georgia at 2:30 this morning. TWO THIRTY. I was exhausted. We got up at 10 this morning and had breakfast. Mom-in-law got home from work at 1. And here I am writing today's boring blog post. I expected that we would already been at the cabin by i'm guessing today is going to be a wash as far as getting any task done. Might be able to squeeze in the grocery trip tonight - but depends on when Mr. P decides he's ready to leave.

Tonight is the 35th annual Midnight 4th of July parade in Gatlinburg. Kicks off at midnight....i'd like to be there for it. We'll see how it goes...