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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 7 - oh what a day...

Today's task was unloading the truck and getting everything at least unpacked from the crates. It's all unloading and i'm down to one crate - not only are the rest unpacked, but it's all put away. Extra point for that!

On the negative side...the joys of home ownership (times two) have come to light. Not only is the metal roof leaking over the living area, but the crack in the foundation has gotten bigger. It was there when we looked at the house. We hired a structural engineer to check it out before we bought the house. "It's nothing" he said. It's just separated along the blocks. Well last June it was 1/4" now it's 5/8". Concerned...because the house is on the side of a mountain. Dandy.

I know I said the blog posts would get better...but we haven't really been anywhere. We haven't even made it to the grocery store yet.  It's 10:30p and we're sitting at The Diner having dinner (and using the WiFi). When we show up here late, Lee is always our waiter. He's awesome.

The fireflies in the mountain darkness are awesome. I saw them on the way down to The Diner this evening.

Anywho - here are some photos from the midnight parade last night....errr this morning? Whatever...

or no9t...for some reason the netbook isn't uploading my photos tonight...worked yesterday. I'll work on that...

TTFN - gotta run to the Super Walmart since the Kroger is closed for the night. Small town life...gotta love it!