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Sunday, July 11, 2010


Since it's getting late on Sunday evening - i'm just going to post photos from our trip. Frankly, I thought I took more.

Here are some photos of the Calla garden at my in-laws' home in Georgia. It's a memorial to my stillborn niece Calla Celeste.

Somewhere in NC
They have TONS of lilies blooming along the roads - gorgeous
Cherokee NC - evidently the Big Boy was so bad they finally closed it and it's now something that looks nicer (we still didn't stop there to eat LOL - the Big Boy was just BAD)
Onward into the mountains!
Yes...the temp was 69 degrees in the middle of the July! Pure heaven....

Here's Mr. Paisley playing games while sitting on the side of 441 in beautiful downtown Gatlinburg waiting for the midnight 4th of July parade to start.
Check out all the people...they're up on the balconies too...
Finally somewhere around 12:15 the parade turned up...of course we were at the very end of it.
Typical small town parade - gotta have the local po po and EMS represent
All branches of the military had a float...
and random people with balloons...
M.A.S.H. ? LOL
Semper Fi...
And then I got bored with the small town parade and stopped taking photos. They weren't coming out too well anyway.  Tomorrow - a few more photos...from the cabin. 
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