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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

10 in 10 day 2

Living room - CHECK!

I would post before and after photos, but you wouldn't see a difference. It still looks a mess, but the stuff that is out is stuff that is going to the cabin with us so by Thursday night it will be packed up and actually in the truck rather than the living room. The stuff that needed to be put away and cleaned has been put away and/or cleaned. One down, nine to go.

Happy to report my little netbook arrived this afternoon, I got WIN7 set up, checked out the wireless and played around with it a little at the office. It barely fits in the netbook bag I posted yesterday. It's only a 10.1" screen! Yikes. So the computer fits in there with very little room to spare and it's tight to zip on the end with the battery - there's no room for the power cord I can shove it (with a lot of effort) into one of the outside pockets, but the zippered one won't zip with it in there. Whatever - it's fine. Did I mention it's blue? :-)

Mr. Paisley had a friend over to help him take more stuff to the storage unit. Porch is still loaded. Dandy. I hope to see it all gone tomorrow.

That said, Mr. P is fixin' to leave right now to go back to work for an hour. He's got a delivery to take. What that really means is that he's going somewhere to sit and wait for the truck driver to unload the chemical delivery and then follow him out the gate and come home. I guess it takes about an hour to empty a tanker truck. He's taking a book and I am on my own for dinner again. I'm not really hungry at the moment...and i'm out of french bread pizza.

Day 2 - 

Task #2 - design my business cards. I picked up a package of business cards when I was at Walmart last week... time to do them I guess.