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Saturday, June 26, 2010

An assortment of randomness

Yesterday I stopped in at Ross and the Goodwill - now I normally do this every Friday, but I had decided not to while I was at work yesterday...but then my boss told us we could leave a half hour early. WOO HOO - 30 minutes changes everything LOL. 

Not the best day as far as deals go, but I picked up a couple of things. 

At Goodwill I found this vintage take along laundry set. It was $.99 and frankly, too cute not to pick up.
The little plastic clothes pins say Denmark on them...the price tag says Made in the USA. 

I'm pretty sure it's never been out of the package.  How cute is it?!

At Ross I picked up a Rope Knot Doorstop. I saw it in a recent Ballard Design catalog and wanted it, but it was $39 See it Here

I found this one in the home decor section...for $5.99. Close enough!
Then I found a Targus 50" tripod for $9. I have a smaller one, but for $9 I wasn't going to pass up the taller one! Especially since it has a BONUS carrying bag .

Mr. Midori seems to have settled right in at the Paisley Cottage. His injuries are healing up and his personality is coming out. He's very well trained - already potty trained! Awesome beyond words - trust me on that one, because I had to potty train Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and Jose Cuervo. It wasn't really hard, it's just time consuming.
In his new digs...

Loves the faux wall rocks...specifically the one higher up.
Not so much loving the you can see, his nose is still black but you can see the really pink line where his "lip" already sloughed off on the one side (same way on the other side). The lower lip area is starting to peel at the edges, so I'd say by the end of July he'll be good as new.
The curly Q  is actually more peeling off lip. I took this photos this morning and since then, he's already rubbed it off. 
Smirnoff's lazy butt is still sleeping...
Jose Cuervo wanted breakfast and some outside time. 

Update on my ongoing saga with CitiFinancial.
Here's my current tracking sheet:

Fort Mill SC collection agency calls since receiving return receipt for removal of my #

6/19 9:13am 803-835-5100

6/21 1:28pm 803-835-5100

6/23 11:29 803-835-5100

6/23  11:32am 407-321-0865

6/24    8:34am  803-835-5100

6/25    8:55am  803-835-5100   

6/25 - returned call to 1-800-257-0286 at 6:15pm
    call answered by Justin. As soon as I said “I want to know why you are calling me when you have received a written request to remove my number from the file of Robin Davis” he transferred me to a recorded message that dropped the call.
    Called back, call picked up by Lynn at 6:19pm. Lynn could tell I was not a happy camper. Lynn looked up the record manually because I didn’t have the account information (right...because it’s NOT MINE). She says she removed my number and added a note to not call it again. She also said it would take 24 hours for it to replicate thru the system. 

We'll see if the calls stop. I'm tempted to look up the local Citifinancial that called and drive my happy butt right on over to their office with copies of my certified letter and receipt from February.

Today I received my two free Glidden paint samples - woo hoo! 
 Antique Beige and Warm Caramel

And last but not least...we needed a new office chair. Mr. Paisley is VERY hard on furniture. I swear i've had the same chair at work for 5 years. The fancy one at home...maybe 3. It's AWFUL. Right now you have to sit gingerly...and then balance yourself. I'm quite certain that one of us will go to sit down one day and the seat will no longer be attached to the base.  We have one of the fancy manager chairs with the stretchy open weave mesh back. The leather ones get too long as I live in FL you will not find a leather chair in my office. So I've been chair hunting for awhile. I've been watching the sale fliers every Sunday and the chairs that are on sale always have crappy reviews online. I decided I was not going to spend another $150 on a chair that falls apart. I decided I really liked the Pottery Barn chair...but it's $399...not including shipping. 

Yeah...add $100 to that and I can make a mortgage payment on the cabin.

Then I thought...VINTAGE! So of course I went ISO on Craig's List. Where I found this gem
For $10!
The ad says
Old Chair it has Cast Iron hardware
Chair swivels & rocks 

Certainly looks like it could have been the inspiration for the PB chair now doesn't it? No casters...probably easy enough to add...

Then I popped into my favorite junque shop by the office - Community Thrift Store - the very same one where I lucked into Midori's cage a couple weeks ago.  What do I see?

This...for $18.81 and it came home with me. It appears as though a dog had a little nibble to one leg there, but nothing that can't be sanded down. It's got some nick and the arms need to be tightened up, but otherwise it's solid. I don't love the seat cover...but I can unscrew that and recover it in nothin' flat. Now I just have to decide what finish I want. Stain? Paint? Color? I'm thinking it might stay "as is" until I get my new sense in doing it twice.


Wingnut said...

Those are *really* great finds! I wish I enjoyed shopping more...then maybe I'd find some things like these!

~Robin~ said...

Thank you! I used to LOVE shopping, I really don't anymore (believe it or not LOL). I have a mental list and I go in and i'm pretty quick in and out. I don't dig thru stuff that's piled up. I do a once over and if something catches my eye, so be it...most days I leave with nothing. Some days I actually have to go grab a cart. Gone are my days of spending HOURS mostly "window shopping" who has the time?!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

You found some real treasures! I can't believe that great chair at that price! And Wow! The rope knot door stop is an incredible find! I think I want to go shopping with you! laurie