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Monday, June 7, 2010

Master Suite

It's show off your cottage Monday again - Here's a peek at the Master Suite (ha ha ha) at the Paisley Cottage.

The suite was an addition that I had done prior to moving into the Cottage back in '97. It's small, but it fits with the scale of the Cottage and it's larger than either of the other bedrooms that are original. 

Keeping in mind that it's small...I don't have a fancy lens for my camera to take good photos.

This is from the doorway - the floor length bamboo curtain in the corner is the closet door. Being that the Cottage is small and has no storage, after several years it dawned on me that I should remove the regular interior door and replace it with a curtain and then make use of the wall space that was behind the door. Brilliant, but slow - that's my M.O. The furniture is tends to photograph more black. Oh and pardon my orbs. The brown edge on the left of the photo is the side of the armoire - where Mr. Paisley keeps the majority of his clothing.  It matches my dresser.
 There you go - technically, it is a walk-in closet...if you turn sideways. After removing the regular door, Mr. Paisley mounted some scrap wood to the studs for me and I hung a canvas and mesh double pocket over-the-door shoe holder to the wall. It holds shoes (duh) in the large pockets and accessories in the smaller "double" pocket (it's actually a pocket on a pocket if that makes any sense - great use of the space since there's so LITTLE space around the Cottage). Oh and that is a re-purposed wood CD rack that is now a shoe holder. Once I ditched all the jewel cases I had to find something to do with it!

The bed is, as you can see, RIGHT in front of the door - or should I say right between two doors? The door you can see is the bathroom. The photo was taken from the other doorway. The current bedding is copper on one side and gold on the other - it photographs strange colors because it's iridescent. A better shot is coming...promise :-)
There we go...the darkest color is the true color. Again, the headboard is also espresso and not black...the bedding I ordered from ABC Distributing a long time ago. It's actually a duvet cover and shams. It was cheap maybe $40 for the set. The pillows cost more than the bedding. They came from Coldwater Creek several years ago. The copper words were on clearance for like $3.99 each from Current's website. The framed fall leaf prints were purchased unframed (but matted)  from Coldwater Creek during one of the 80% sales - back before they removed all the "good stuff" from the website prior to the kick off of the sale. They're in $5 Walmart frames.  Actually, all the framed artwork came from Coldwater Creek. Some framed, some framed after the fact. The accent wall is leftover paint from the bathroom. Toast is the name of it - Ralph Lauren paint.

I love these lamps. L.O.V.E. So shabby chic it's disgusting. Chippy cream base, peachy glass - they came with the ugliest shades on the planet - they were white drum shades with olive green and brown retro 60s flower print. Totally did NOT go with the lamps at all. Replaced with cream $12 shades from Target. Funny story about these lamps. I got them at Beall's - The Florida Store. They were 70% off. All clearance items were an additional 40% off (seriously, they practically GIVE stuff away).  were $60 each. Insane - especially with that ridiculous shade.  Anywho I love these lamps...even though they are dust magnets. I got them for $7 each - bargain (don't do the math, the whole story isn't on the blog - just take my word for it).

I picked up the baskets for the nightstand cubbies at Michael's - i'm sure they were at least 40% off (let's face it, I don't really pay full price for anything). Again since space is at a premium - I needed SMALL furniture and dual purpose at that. One drawer wasn't going to cut it. The baskets hold socks and undies mine on my side, his on his. Yes, you can see that I did not remove the basket to dust the cubbie last week. Such is life. There's my Florida dirty air dust's 15 minutes of BLOG FAME. Quick - take a screen shot. Oh and the fabulous small scale furniture...$400 for the whole set from Yep - it's Southshore, assembly required. Cheap, but I like the simple lines and the small scale was a must. Goes well with my K-Mart dinette set in the kitchen (OMG - yeah the one everyone thinks came from Pottery Barn - like for real dudes and dudettes, I have good taste, I just don't like to pay for the label - gnarly I know).
Onward to the "en suite" - I think that's the current cool term for a master bathroom these days. The invisible black hole of a vanity is, once again, espresso. It was the most expensive purchase for the bathroom redo (everything was white before). It isn't anything fancy - special order Kraftmaid in a Craftsman style. Here's a lightened up photo so you can see what it looks like -
The drawer pulls are satin nickel and square. Home Depot Expo (sad that they're gone, they had super cool stuff). The sink and faucet I picked up on e-bay for $99. Pretty, but not at all functional and I hate them. Granite was from a local place about 2 miles from the house. I think it was $300 installed. The mirror came from Old Time Pottery - I think it was on sale for $19.99 or $29.99. Cheap either way...gotta love a cheap beveled glass mirror. Speaking of cheap...that light fixture. $20 at Costco - I decided I hated it after a week or so. It has a new home in my grandfather's bathroom. Here's my new, new fixture...$34 at Marshall's! Rare, but once in awhile I run across a light fixture there! This one I loved.

The metal laser cut leaf art (see a theme? yep that's me...) came from Joann ETC. 40% off of course...this photo is taken from the bathroom door. Trust me when I say this bathroom is small...and technically it's a 3/4 bath because it has a walk-in shower and no tub. 

That would be the door casing on the left (I was up against my night stand trying to take this photo a few minutes ago). The toilet is in a weird nook - backing up to my closet. Storage on the wall...gotta love it.

Here's the shower - some of the grout is wet - that's why it's darker in some places. Mr. Paisley does pretty good tile work. When I had the bathroom built in '97, it had a vinyl floor, a small white painted wood vanity with a molded single piece sink/vanity top, and plain white tile in the shower. I picked out this tile at the Braselton Tile Factory in beautiful Braselton, GA - right up the road from Mr. Paisley's parents' home. I also chose the pattern. Mr. Paisley would have just slapped it all up there square because it was less cutting. He really should know better by now...

This is over the shower door (which is clear glass). More of Mr. Paisley's famous crown molding and another bamboo curtain to cover the linen closet (it was white bi-fold doors before). Now you can open the closet without closing the bathroom door. Ahhh the good life...

Linking up to White Wednesday for my little dresser grouping of creamy chippy white goodness. It needs work, but it's white and that's what is sitting there right now.

Modern Glass Waterfall Faucet Chrome & Pop-Up Drain, Brass/Chrome-Bamboo Grommet Door Panel -Green/ Ivory (54 x 84") Square Porcelain Vessel Sink - Bisque