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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Coupon Tips and Resources

  • Match up coupons with sales to maximize savings
  • Read your coupons - the picture on it doesn't always match
  • Know your store's coupon and pricing policies - some stores have BOGO items that ring up at half price so you don't HAVE to buy 2...others ring up at full price and one gets zeroed out automatically
  • Keep your coupons handy or you won't use them
  • If you have coupons for FREE items that you don't need or won't use, pick it up anyway and donate it to your church or a local food bank
  • Buying in bulk is not always cheaper - calculate your unit price with the coupon savings to get the best deal
  • Price match (again, know your store policy)
  • Google is your friend - search for product rebates you'll be surprised at what's out there
  • Stash your rebate money in a savings account
  • If you really want to see how quickly the coupon savings adds up - keep a simple spreadsheet (or track in a notebook) nothing fancy - store name, how much you spent, how much you saved - add up the saved column every so ofter (or set the spreadsheet up to keep a running tally for you). Once a month look at your savings total and move that amount of money from your checking to your savings...I promise you can pay for next year's vacation / Christmas / etc with it if you put a little effort into it!
These are just a few resources that I use frequently...there are hundreds if not thousands of thrifty websites out there
I never buy anything online without either a coupon / discount code or going thru another website that will either get me points or a rebate for my purchase. Ok, that's not true...sometimes neither exists for what i'm buying or where I have to buy it which case I just suck it up. Chances are it's cheaper to get it online than if I bought it locally so i'm still saving some money anyway.


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