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Friday, June 4, 2010

Random extra post!

I mentioned swimsuit shopping - every woman's favoritest ever thing to do . I dragged Mr. Paisley to Beall's Outlet - this particular "outlet" is not like the others. It's more like their department stores, but whatever...they can call it whatever they want I guess.  Found a couple of tankinis that I liked there. Reasonably priced at $29.99 and $39.99. Took them in the dressing room only to find out they were "so expensive" that they put security tags on them. Wait, not ON them...but THRU them. Through all four layers of the two pieces. Thus making them impossible to try on. So off to the cashier...where I had to wait in line (they have the rat maze where you all stand in one line and the register number lights up and a random voice from above tells the next person in line where to go). So I wait. And wait. And it gets to be my turn. Hey...I'd like to try these on since they can't be returned...but they have this big honky security tag right thru the middle so ummm can you remove them so I can try them on? "No." Excuse me? "Nope." Ummm so I can try on the one piece suits...but not the two piece suits. "I guess" she says. So...if I want to try on the two piece I have to buy you'll take the tags off...but if it doesn't fit, I can't return it. "Right" she says. Are you out of your mind? So I said ok, well here you go, i'm out. And Mr. Paisley and I walked out of the store leaving said swimsuits on the counter for Ms. Personality to return to their rack. Ridiculous.

So I thought I'd check out Target - wow, they had a whole lotta nuthin'. ONE one piece suit and a few tankinis. Not interested...

Onward....let's see what Walmart has - popped onto their website and holy heck - summer is on clearance already and it's not even here  yet! Ordered 2 bikini tops that have brown in them to go with some brown bottoms I already have and a cute floral print once piece. The floral print is white, tan, aqua, red, brown...the style of the print makes me think Hawaii and Tiki...sort of geometric flowers if that makes any sense.  $16 for the one piece, $8 each for the tops. $.97 shipping - it would cost me more in gas to drive there. LOVE.

Being Friday - I get out of work an hour and 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the week (woot!) and generally I stop by the Goodwill and another Beall's Outlet, sometimes Dollar Tree and Ross. I had a project in mind for this weekend, so Dollar Tree was on the list. Might as well see what they have at's right next door. Hello more swimmies on clearance. $7.49 for a tankini top (a stray...the bottoms had wandered off somewhere) It's black and white, already have black bottoms and $14.99 for another tankini - top AND bottom. Same style top, but a red, white and black print and yes, more black bottoms. Fabulous. Also snapped up a black cotton/spandex cami with scalloped trim and beads along the neckline for a whopping $3.49. Love a good layering piece...especially a really cheap one. I was actually wearing the same tank in another color without the beading when I bought this one. Yep, I wear them pretty much daily. I left Beall's and Goodwill empty handed. 

I think i'm good on "hot tub wear" for this summer...that was too easy.