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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thrifty Tuesday!

I stopped by the Goodwill and I did pretty darn well I think!

I scored 3 glass candle sticks to make some more "home made" hurricanes. They were $.59 each. Even cheaper than the Dollar Tree

Then I found a new package of cork tiles $2.99 for 4. 

Then I found this awesome footed glass compote? I dunno what it is, but I liked it a lot. It was $2.99. 

I almost missed this shabby "french" clock for $2.99 - it was mixed in with the dishes.

I also found a cheese board with cheese names on it, plus the glass dome. Woo hoo! $1.99.  

AND the nice lady at the register gave me a discount because my debit card gives money back to our local pubic school system. Turns out you get a discount with your school ID...she gave it to me anyway - awesome!

Cloche in the to find the right chunky wood candle stick...woo hoo! The Cheese Dome will reappear on the blog when it's made over *wink* *wink*

French Boutique Wall Clock

hey wait - that's my clock! LOL $34.91 on Awesome!

Acco Brands #102 4PK 12x12 LT Cork Tile

didn't save much on the cork tiles, but about a dollar...good enough!
Glass Cheese Dome with Marble Base


Anonymous said...

You got some great finds at the Goodwill!! Love the so pretty.

~Robin~ said...

Thanks for stopping by :-)

Sherrie said...

Well from a blogger whose blog is titled "A Conversation at Goodwill", I can love and appreciate any Goodwill finds. You certainly scored.

~Robin~ said...

Thanks Sherrie! Love your blog - you're on my list now! I picked up a few more goodies at Goodwill today (seriously, that place is more dangerous than the mall for me...It's on the way home from in I drive RIGHT NEXT to it...and thus pop in there several times a week LOL). A shabby chic metal R, an ironstone gravy boat w/ saucer, a pair of matching wood candle sticks, a glass candle stick with a candle cup stuck in it (pretty sure they DON'T go together but whatever). You'll see them on the blog soon!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Looks like you had some good luck at GW this week...luv that clock!