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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Meeee Happy Birthday toooo Meeee...

Ok, it's not my birthday, but it was a few days ago. For my birthday my parents took us (me, Mr. Paisley, my brother and his wife) to Buca di Beppo.  If you've never been - you should go. We don't go often, but it's always fab when we do go. It's family style - since the first time we went, they have added Buca for Two - so you don't have leftovers for 3 weeks when you leave if it's just you and your honey for dinner. Even better if you can get the kitchen table when you make reservations. Yes, there is a booth IN the kitchen. Oh and if you've never been, make sure you tell the host/ess. When you're seated they'll take you on the tour on the way to your table (or not so much on the way, but fun anyway). If you sit in the kitchen you'll have lots of company...all the people who are first timers will come thru and wave. Good times.
At this location near the Paisley Cottage - there's a small wall of fame at the kitchen table...I was stoked to see Gene Simmons on the wall. I love you watch Gene Simmons Family Jewels? It's the only reality show I watch...hilarious! That man is a genius.
Some of the other famous folks on this little wall are Sly Stallone, Charlie Sheen, Danny DeVito, Arnold and Carrot Top (he's a local ya know). The bigger wall of fame is the lobby area.
That's my brother...and the kitchen...
When you sit at the kitchen table you get random stuff thrown on your table. This was a random (free) dish that we got.
Awaken your taste buds with a new favorite - tender chicken breast sautéed with garlic and red pepper, tossed with peas, a spicy rosa sauce and imported Italian rigatoni pasta.
It was REALLY good (and there wasn't any left!)

Busy chef, busy server...and my brother - busy dishin' out some grub!
This was my choice...(we ordered 3 dishes for 6 people...)
Sautéed garlic shrimp and a spicy rosa sauce with imported Italian penne pasta.

It was also REALLY good, but I think I actually liked the free one better! It had a little more kick...
Dad chose this one...
Breaded chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella and prosciutto, baked and topped with marinara, served on a bed of pesto cream sauce.
Also amazingly anything with pesto ever bad?
Mom and Shannon picked spaghetti with meat sauce (you can see some on the plate next to the Shrimp Fra Diavlo). I didn't take a picture of boring old spaghetti. I didn't even eat any of it...but everyone else said it was really good.

We also ordered a salad to start...and they load you up with bread and plates of vinegar / EVOO / herbs for dipping.
We got
Tart Granny Smith apples, spiced walnuts, dried cranberries and Gorgonzola cheese tossed with our fresh lettuce blend in our signature Italian vinaigrette.
It was really good too LOL (what wasn't good?!)
Happy sibling...
And because it was my birthday...I got a song and dance...and a candelabra, with a brownie sundae - also yummy! I shared...

Hi mom...

Everyone took home salad, bread, spaghetti and some of the chicken. The rest of it was GONE. Did I mention it was good?

So aside from the pool toy I previously posted about...I got a GC to Sephora (woo hoo!), covers for my boat chairs (mom's are sneaky...), another Albert & Alberta book (those are the UF mascots - Go Gators!) this one is Albert and Alberta's Journey to the Swamp. A GC to Bed Bath & Beyond from my grandma and flowers from my parents and Mr. Paisley. Mr. Paisley is also buying me a new netbook - I just have to go pick it out. I did mention orange is my favorite color right? Everyone knows that... (see below) The roses are from Mr. Paisley....the mix is from my parents. I'll probably see a check from my in-laws at some point and my aunt sent me a card saying she was bringing my gift when they come down for the 4th of July week. I'll catch them when we get back from the cabin before they leave to go back up north.
Vintage Amberina Hobstar Huge Pressed Glass Goblet Albert and Alberta's Journey To the Swamp


Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday.
You do know how to party.
I have never heard of a table actually in the kitchen, or random additional free foods.