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Monday, June 21, 2010

Trash Pickin'...

Yep - look what I found in the trash...some of it I have ideas for, some of it not so much.

I'm guessing these are vintage 1970-1980's molding frames for florescent light fixtures that were in an outdated kitchen (there are 2 - both the same size). Nice molding...these I have a plan for - just have to see if it works out. They may re-appear on the blog over the weekend!

A frame and roll-up door for an appliance garage...this is a contender for "What Would You Do With It Wednesday" - if you have any ideas for it - feel free to share...because I got nothin'...

And two cabinet panel doors - maybe from a pantry...I love the bigger one. It's kinda like a miniature people door!
I'm pretty sure that i'm seeing the bigger cabinet door sanded, primed, and painted...maybe do one panel in chalkboard paint and one with the cork tiles I picked up at Goodwill last could also make for a nice console table top....any other ideas? What would you do with it? Any of it...


Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

I can see a jewelry organizer, a chalkboard, a vintage sign....nothing earth shattering or new, tbough.

You'll have fun figuring it out!

Anonymous said...

The larger door could be used either way, vertical or horizontal.
Right now I am thinking Mad Hatter Tea Party for this weekend, so of course I would paint it up and stick it in a garden as a secret passage. I do like the idea of chalkboard on one panel, cork or french board on the other.
The curved door would do well with a mural on it, like a window view.
What fascinated me is the roll up door. That takes some thought.