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Friday, June 4, 2010

Recent thrifty finds...

I popped into the Goodwill more or less near work last week and picked up this small birdcage and stand for $4.99. The "dead bird" will go into the craft stash (might find something to do with the feathers at some point), the cage and stand will spend a few quality minutes with my can of Heirloom White spray paint and then i'll take a sanding sponge to it. 
 Earlier this week I bopped on over to the Target near work (much closer than the Goodwill) to look for a swimsuit (not impressed, didn't buy one there), but since I was there I had to make the rounds. Woo hoo because this particular Target is redoing their store inside - moving the departments around, switching to the lower height shelves, etc and thus have a ton of crap awesome stuff on clearance. I exercised self control...but left with a dozen assorted drawer pulls. They had three baskets full of knobs and pulls for $.32-$1.98. I only picked up two that were more than $1. These are an awesome addition to my stash. I might see if they still have some next week and add a few more...I pulled one of each type out of the baggies for the second photo. The "crystal" ones are a misty green and amber. The one on the far left makes for a good tray handle hint hint.

Monday I was off work for Memorial Day, so after going to breakfast, I conned Mr. Paisley into swimsuit shopping (but after one store I was over it - lucky him) and instead got him to stop by the Community Thrift Store. I don't get to go there too often because they open after I leave for work and they close before I get home and generally i'm too busy on Saturdays to run down there. They have someone in the back who is smoking crack while pricing. I took photos of some awesome stuff they had and the ridiculous prices. A beautiful old iron bed - headboard / footboard - over $400! ($424 and some change to be more-or-less exact)

They had three large milk cans - which I LOVE. Two had their lids. 

They were $50 each (seriously, I got my blue one at Goodwill about a year ago for $13). I do love love love that 3rd one (the one without a lid). 

They had a large vintage Pyrex bowl - light blue with white Dutch looking figures and whatnot. $20. 

Two small silverplate cups $24 each. Needless to say I didn't buy any of it. 

What I did pick up was a pair of doors for $1.91 each (you don't need a picture of each one right? They're exactly the same I promise).

I have a plan for these. It involves power tools. You'll see it here when I get to it. They also had a small, solid wood, round, butcher block, drop leaf (how's that for adjective use?) table for $4.94 and Mr. Paisley said no because we don't have a place to put it. I'm sure there was a place for it between the two porch rockers up at the cabin...he's just crabby. 

There was also this gorgeous bed...I didn't bother to dig around for the price because I didn't NEED it, so I took a the legs and spindles...LOVE.  Hey wait...there's another door - how did I not see that?! Guess where i'm  going tomorrow morning....

Vintage Garden Iron Bed
20" Distressed Rustic Vintage Style Verdigris Decorative Milk Can
PYREX: The Unauthorized Collector's Guide (Schiffer Book for Collectors)


Dee@FrenchBleuVintage said...

I love the stuff you found ~ but really, what is it with some thrift/Goodwills that charge WAAYYY too much $$. I know you can't bargain with the prices and all because it Is charity, but really. I saw a (not washed) broken vase last week (broken as in huge piece missing from lip) they were asking $8. Meanwhile I was in a Waterford Outlet and bought a sweet little brand new intact vase (very similar but smaller) for $12.

Shawn said...

I love all your finds, especially the bird cage! It's so pretty!