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Saturday, June 19, 2010

OMG I missed a day of blogging!

Instead of blogging yesterday after work, I went from work to pick up a goodie I found on Craig's List (more on that later) up in Casselberry and then went up to Longwood to meet a friend for dinner. We went to High Tide Harry's. Best local seafood joint in O-town and the only place I know of where you can still get all you can eat crab legs. BRING IT! Sabrina and I went to town on some crab legs. In case you're wondering, the going rate is $39.99. We were there until almost 10. Then I took the scenic route home - so I could pretend I was still a cool, single, hottie headed downtown for a night of partyin' it up with my friends reminisce about the old days. Nothing quite like crusin' thru downtown with Friday Night 80s on the radio and hearing Ice Ice Baby....cause i'm rollin' in my 5.0 - well Mach 1. Whatever, it's a Mustang. Moving on...

So yeah, I checked out the scene (ya know what I mean...) and went home. Got home at the same time as Mr. Paisley...he's on call the next two weeks. He got called out right after coming home from work and was just rollin' back in when I pulled up. Timing is everything. He got called out again at 1:30 this morning. *ugh* nothing quite like those middle of the night phone calls to get your blood pumping. Must have been all that crab cause I was beat...and I went straight to bed. No Facebook, no e-mail, no blogging.

Today started with a jolt (like the 1:30 wake up call wasn't enough). At 9:13 CitiFinancial called to try and collect a debt...from a girl that I went to high school with. I would like to wring her neck. Her name is the same as my maiden name (first and last). She was always in trouble in high school and I was always getting called out of class and sent to the principal's office...why? Because my name was first on the student roster. I'm still bitter because I got detention because of her...she graduates (somehow) and I have peace and quite for a year. Then I make the worst decision of my life. When I bought my house...I published my phone number...unknowingly welcoming her back into my life. Since 1998 she hasn't paid her bills. Obviously I pay mine - otherwise there's no way i'd have 2 houses and half a dozen vehicles. Banks are funny about letting people keep things they don't pay for. If you've ever had a collection agency call you - you know they don't quit. You can tell them there's no one here by that name, I don't know that person, take my number off your list - they say ok and call back the next day. Did I mention this has been going on since 1998? In February of this year, it got REALLY bad with CitiFinancial. They were calling every 30 minutes or so, 8am on the weekends, SUNDAYS when they aren't allowed to call. On Feb 20, 2010 I sent a certified, return receipt requested letter to them (after much searching to hunt down a mailing address), stating once again, that I am not who they are looking for and that they need to remove my number from her file. A week later I receive the return receipt, get two more calls and then they stop. Ahhhhh peace and quite. Until today. Are you serious? How hard is it to get my number off her file? To say that i'm livid is an understatement. Evidently, i'm going to have to change my phone number. CitiFinancial is not the only one calling for her. It costs about $8 to send a certified return receipt letter. Why is it that i'm the one that has to spend the money and change MY stuff when it has nothing to do with me? Did I mention my number has been unlisted for several years? I google it regularly and remove it from any of those white pages / phone number type sites where it pops up (really? are they using old phone books for their info or what?) It's so aggrivating.

Onward to more fun things! Since Mr. Paisley was at work all day (and I mean ALL day - he got home at 8:30 after leaving before 7 this morning) I went shopping.

I had some coupons for one of my favorite stores, so I went there first - they didn't have the shoes I wanted in my size so I moved on to clothes. I wasn't really impressed with the current offering. I picked up a pack of 7 gold tone bangle bracelets. I haven't worn bracelets in forever (aside from a tennis bracelet once in awhile) but I got a few last Christmas and now I feel naked without them! Then I picked up 2 satin trimmed camis - my white one was due to be replaced plus they had gray! Gray that was heathered gray. And they were on sale for $5.90. Sweet!

Then I found this cute sequined tank - super cute for layering don'cha think?
That was it there. I bopped on over to a Marshall's and had a cute barnwood and chicken wire box thingy and 2 large wood monogram type letters in my cart (all on clearance of course $5, $3 and $3) and then decided I really didn't NEED any of it. So I put it back. Then I saw a white metal garden ornament with a star on top...they had several heights all around $15. The one I wanted was really too big to cram into the Mustang. I'm going to as Mr. Paisley to stop and get it for me on his way home from work tomorrow since the store is basically right next door to where he'll be at some point during the day. Sad to say, but I left with nothing. Mr. Paisley's wallet was happy.

Had to stop and put gas in the car. $10 only gets me to 1/4 of a tank. I only put in $10 because I knew i'd be going to BJ's tomorrow after breakfast and it'll be a good $.10 a gallon cheaper there. Gotta pinch those pennies.

Onward to the Goodwill! That's normally a Friday stop, but well, I was busy stuffing my face with tasty sea creatures.

I'm glad I stopped by! I picked up these 4 salad plates for $2 each and a candle stand for $2.
I love the detail on the plates and that they look distressed with a clay color underneath. I thought they would be good to switch out the Pumpkin Pie plates that were in the plate holder.
Shopping is hard when I got home, I changed into a swimsuit and hopped in the hot tub - minus the heater of is 90something degrees these days here in Central Florida.
Speaking of the hot brother and his wife got me this whizbangy "pool toy" for my birthday. Here's a little video of it in action...pardon the beeping and focusing. I don't usually use my pocket camera for videos - this new one seems to auto-focus and it makes noise as it's adjusting...

AquaGlow Underwater Light Show and Fountain <---this is the "pool toy" in the above crummy video that I shot


Lauren said...

What is the video? Just some blinking thing for the water? I love reading your, blog posts:) It reminds me of the old days when we shared an office. I went shopping today too and would NEVER post what I spent publicly. Yes, it was that bad:)

~Robin~ said...

Yeah, it's a blinky LED light thingy that spins around and sprays a fountain of water out the top. Glad you had good day of shopping! I spent quite a bit today myself...but it was online after I got home from shopping LOL. Speaking of the old days...I really miss that maple body scrub! That stuff was the BEST...

TMTCO said...

I love the plates and the plate holder! Great finds!