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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ed

Today is my BFF's birthday. He's 37...we were born 3 days apart. That said...I will be 37 come Thursday. 

To celebrate, a group of us went to Bento Cafe for dinner. He's into sushi. Mr. Paisley and I ordered the cheese wontons (way good!) for starters. I ordered vanilla boba milk tea - Tuesdays it is BOGO. Rock on. For dinner I had the bento box chicken pad thai. Very good - but a TON of food.  Mr. Paisley stepped out of his "Chinese food" box (ie the sweet n sour chicken) and had Katsu chicken. It was also really yummy. Two hours later we all walked down the block to Menchie's for ice cream - or rather frozen yogurt. This place has a wall of soft serve yogurt, a candy bar, a topping bar, and all the assorted flavored sauces (hot fudge, chocolate, butterscotch, peanut butter, etc). You can taste all you want without asking. Once you build your dessert, they weigh it. It's $.44 per ounce, plus $1 if you go for the waffle bowl instead of the regular paper bowl. Interesting. I tried the cookies and cream and the cake batter. Not so much a fan. I didn't actually get my own, just the taste was plenty for me. I would go back to try the red velvet cake yogurt. I hear it's the bomb diggity - but it was empty when we got there. 

Ed got himself the new HTC Incredible for his birthday. I don't have Verizon, but that was a pretty sweet phone. AT&T needs to get the Android phones out. I had talked myself into an iPhone (simply because we don't have internet access at the cabin) but I'm torn. I think i'd rather have an Android phone, but I won't be able to play Words with Friends since they won't write the stupid App for it for Android, plus they don't have a zillion apps (yet). Decisions decisions. What I do know is that I need a new phone like last year. In fact my contract was up last June. Hurry up with releasing the Android phones AT&T.

Sorry for the boring post today - it's late and I was away from a computer for too long.

I'll come up with something better tomorrow ;-)
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