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Wednesday, June 23, 2010's what I do best.

Mr. Paisley is on call this week and next for work. It's been a very busy first week...tonight he got called out again, just as he was about to start making dinner. Thus I was left to my own devices...what's a girl to do?

Duh...throw a Stouffer's french bread pizza in the oven and pour a Diet Coke...then go shopping! Lucky for me (and Mr. Paisley's wallet) that the closest stores are cheap stores. I could actually walk to these stores, but holy heck - not during a Florida summer! I'd keel over dead from heat exhaustion before I hit the end of the block! Right - the stores...Goodwill, Beall's Outlet, Dots, Ross, Dollar Tree, and Payless are all in a strip mall that, once upon a time, was the grocery store. Dots - eh...I haven't been in there in years. Cheap, trendy clothing. Probably made in China by children. Payless - no can do. The overwhelming smell of plastic is enough to knock me on my rear. Too bad since they actually carry some leather shoes these days. Dollar Tree, Ross, Goodwill and Beall's Outlet...those are the places I frequent. Some more than others.

Tonight I just popped in Goodwill and Ross. It was just after 7. Not a whole lot of time.

Of course I forgot to take photos of the Ross finds before they all went in the wash. I gotta make it a habit. 

What I got:

a 330 thread count Simmon's Beauty Rest queen size mattress pad (for the cabin) clearance price $20.99
a Calvin Klein tee shirt knit dress (for moi) in a lovely shade of purple with an empire waist clearance price $14.99
another dress in a royal blue jersey knit with a pretty flat ruffle neckline clearance price $13.99
a 400 thread count Hotel queen size sheet set in khaki clearance price $19.99 (I just told Mr. Paisley we needed new sheets - I swear these higher thread count sheets just don't last as long as sheets used to!)
a 2 pack of 350 thread count pillow cases - different brand, but same color as the sheets $6.99

Mr. Paisley and I had gone to Bed Bath & Beyond a week or so ago to get some sheets since I have a small collection of BB&B gift cards and I could not believe how expensive the sheets were! And most of them I didn't even like! Needless to say we'll be sleeping on new sheets tonight - they're in the dryer as I type!

Onward to Goodwill...

Lucky you - I took photos!

Does it get an Shabby Chic-er? What R the chances of finding your initial at Goodwill? Pretty good if your name is Robin and you went today!  It was $1.99. It will either go in the guest room or with my random R collection.

How about a really cute Buttercup Ironstone made in Japan gravy boat and saucer? It was also $1.99.
And the pair of wood candle sticks that will be getting a makeover... $.99 each.
And this Frankenstein piece LOL - it was $.99 and I wanted the bottom half for a large hurricane that I already have and want to put a "foot" on. It reminds me of Candlewick. I'm really curious who decided these two pieces went together...
As you can see...the candle cup on the right has several layers of masking tape wrapped around the ummm what do you call that? Stem? To make it fit (not really) in the other candle stick. Weird....


Anonymous said...

You found some great goodies at the Goodwill.
On your last post you shared your wood tray makeover. Just wanted to tell you that I love how it turned out...looks great white and I also love what you put in it. I used to have some of that in a silver tray and my Yorkie kept trying to eat I finally gave up and put it away.