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Monday, January 11, 2016

Day 10 - I thought it was getting easier!

Day 10 -

I woke up in a panic last night because I ate a big bite of cake and had a little swig of Diet Coke. *SHOOO* thankfully it was only a dream. There's no cake, nor Diet Coke in the house to be had.

I'm pretty sure the change in food is helping my sleep. I slept in a little - till 8:30a! Mr. P. was already next door working on the roof. We are having a new roof put on in the next few weeks, but he is removing the old shingles in order to fix any damage so as not to have to pay premium prices for it on the fly. He's already been to Home Depot for a load of plywood as well. He decided to go ahead and re-deck the whole carport addition because it was in pretty rough shape. He's hoping to have it done by next weekend (we get a long weekend for MLK Day).

Thus I'm left to running errands by myself. I'm headed to Whole Foods (shoot me now - that place is mobbed) for Coconut Aminos and whatever else I can find that is "legal". Then it's off to BJ's to top off the Jeep and grab another bag of dates, some raw cashews and some beef. Then to Aldi for produce and then Publix for whatever produce they didn't have at Aldi (wish me luck that I can skip that one).

I fueled myself before leaving the house - I made two fried eggs and some crazy delicious hash browns. I used Chef John's Classic Hash Browns Recipe only I skipped the onion (don't care for it) and I used Yukon Gold potatoes because that's what I had. I used the larger of my two shredder disks and I left the skins on the potatoes. Seriously they were the best hash browns I have ever made at home.

I spent just over two hours TWO HOURS grocery shopping. I drove to the next town over to go to a Whole Foods that has a larger parking lot. It was still bad. For $30 I got two small pieces of ginger, five Lara Bars (Apple Pie and Coconut Cream Pie flavors), a jar of compliant pasta sauce, a jar of cashew butter, a bottle of coconut aminos (used as a substitute for soy sauce or salad dressing) and a bottle of compliant dijon mustard (Grey Poupon is not compliant - in case you were wondering).

After Whole Foods I hit up the BJ's. Funny thing, they are now clearing the land behind the BJ's and the sign says Costco coming Spring 2016. That should be interesting...I wanted to grab a rotisserie chicken for dinner. Nope. All three brands had sugar. So for $90ish I got a six pack of boneless pork chops, a bag of dates, a two pack of cranberry juice, three pounds of ground beef, six small jars of Spanish olives, a jug of white vinegar, a bag of apples, some raw cashews...

Then onward to Aldi - they had stellar produce today and I spent $61 there. I got two bags of frozen boneless chicken thighs, a bag of scallops, two bunches of bananas, two bags of asparagus, two bags of sweet potatoes, a bag of green grapes, three dozen eggs, five pounds of Yukon Golds, two avocados, an acorn squash, two packs each of summer squash and zucchini, garlic, white wine vinegar (that's new - they also had balsamic!) and a pack of Mahi Mahi fillets.

I just couldn't do Publix. I'll hit up the "secret Publix" near my office tomorrow after work. I can be in and out of that store any time of the day in under 30 minutes (including parking!) if I just need to pick up a couple of things. I need to stock up on frozen veggies that are compliant, specifically my favorite PictSweet whole green beans. Did I mention I could eat an entire bag myself?

Dinner - I was so over this day that I couldn't see straight. At 8:30pm I shredded one of the chicken breasts I had in the crock pot (for my chicken salad) chopped up half a bunch of asparagus and got to work.  I tossed the asparagus and some onion in a skillet with some clarified butter, sauteed until done, beat seven eggs with some salt and pepper and poured that over the asparagus and onions and made a frittata. (let it sit over medium heat until it's mostly cooked through, then lift the edges and tilt the pan to move any "liquid" underneath to cook - once it's pretty much cooked through, toss the whole thing under the broiler for a few minutes to puff it up and finish cooking the top) Of course while we were eating it I kept thinking how cheese would be delicious with it (alas, that is a no-no)...and that I had mushrooms that were already sliced up in the fridge that I totally should have thrown in - curses! No matter, it was pretty good as is and I stocked up on eggs , so it may very well make an appearance later in the week WITH mushrooms.

Sorry - I keep forgetting to take pictures! Here's a photo of a piece of the leftover frittata. It warmed up well for breakfast on Day 11 (what?! Yep - my posts run a day behind - on purpose)