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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day 16

I slept well, until just about 7am at which point I was jolted awake by a leg cramp. I guess I need to up my magnesium intake.

Today is cleaning day (oh boy!). Laundry, household chore, getting the Christmas stuff actually packed up and back in the attic, cleaning cages, more laundry, doing dishes...

Breakfast: a couple of pretty little fried eggs atop Chef John's hash browns.

Lunch: chicken salad made with homemade mayo, apples and green grapes

Dinner: we revisited breakfast for dinner because I had leftover hash browns

I got a lot done around the house - WAY more energy than usual. All the laundry is done, everything has been vacuumed, tons of stuff put out for trash and recycling, two dishwasher loads run and put away, plus a sink full of hand wash items. 

Smirnoff and I even went out back to have some time in the brilliant Florida sun!