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Friday, January 22, 2016

Day 21

It's Day 21 - shouldn't I be thrilled that there are only 10 days left? Yes...yes I should. Except that the Whole30 is a bit of a lie. It will take most of another two weeks to get through the reintroduction phase. So yeah, technically it's 10 days and on January 31 I get to have PEANUT BUTTER and BEANS.  And then February 1 and 2 it's back to Whole30. Then February 3 I get to add back Gluten Free Grains or something, and then February 4 and 5 it's back to Whole30, etc. So we're hanging in there, but we still have a way to go.

Today I will not eat all of my food in one sitting.

I had chicken salad for breakfast.

I had chicken salad for lunch.

I had a handful of slivered almonds and a Larabar for a snack.

Today I realized that we are at the ACTUAL halfway point. I mean traditional math would say that half of 30 is 15 and I did have a mini celebration of "halfway there" with a little Bon Jovi moment, but after looking at my calendar and penciling in the reintroduction schedule on my work calendar I realized that we still have 21 days to go. That's Whole30 math right there...the magic of 30 days crammed into 42 days :-p I feel cheated. Lied too. Like I would kill someone for a toasted cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup right about yesterday.

Dinner was scallops with mixed veggies and sugar snap peas.