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Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 24!

Day 24 - a lazy (ha ha ha) Sunday. We did actually sit down and read the paper (at home) and we did go OUT for breakfast before running our errands.

I suggested Sharon's. A great little home cookin' place that has been around for years. They know us there, I figured they'd do what they could to make it work.

Lucky for us, one of the breakfast specials was flat iron steak n eggs. SOLD. Grilled flat iron, over medium eggs and they made the home fries on the griddle for us. It was nice to not have to do breakfast dishes. Of course breakfast just cost $27, but hey...we aren't exactly eating out much these days.

Onward to the shopping. We hit up BJ's first where gas was $1.65! YAY - although this morning I heard it would start going back up soon. Mr. P. needed to pick up something at Home Depot so he just dropped me at BJ's and ran down to the other end of the shopping plaza to do his thing. I went in for shrimp, vinegar and sparkling water and $170 later had a full cart.

Grapes, organic Fuji apples, cole slaw mix, salad shrimp, mahi mahi fillets, dates, vinegar, unsweetened organic apple sauce cups, 100% beef sandwich steaks (think steak'ums only better), Applegate Farms hot dogs, oh my gosh I found so many good things this week! I also found that they now have extra light tasting olive oil woo hoo - which I need for making mayo. I got a larger container last week at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market so I didn't pick any up this week, but YAY that it's in stock now! I also picked up organic apple juice, cranberry juice (lesson learned if you want cranberry juice, stick to OceanSpray - I bought the 'house brand' last week and while it was 100% juice it was so much of a mix that it didn't really taste like cranberry at all). Pork chops went in the basket too. Oh and Spanish olives. I don't like olives, but Mr. P. will eat a whole jar as a snack.

Aldi was next on the list. Peppers, eggs (3 dozen...we buy 3 dozen eggs a week now), sweet potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes, avocados, coconut water (100% - no added sugar!), cauliflower, squash...blah blah - all produce stuff. I did find compliant fruit leather! I didn't buy any, but their organic brand was all fruit! Exciting!

Lunch was a Larabar. 

Dinner - I wasn't in the mood to cook, I tossed a bunch of crap in a skillet and called it a stir fry. Salad shrimp, green beans, cole slaw mix, mushrooms, garlic, coconut aminos, clarified butter...and then I made a spicy cashew sauce and mixed that in with mine (SO GOOD), Mr. P. doesn't like cashews. He wouldn't even try it. I didn't think it tasted like cashews at all, more like a peanut sauce. His loss! I have a whole jar now. It'll be good on chicken - or that leftover turkey with some zoodles for lunch later this week.

All in all another successful day in the books.