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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Day 15! Oooooh we're halfway theeeere oooooh ooooh...

Well...we have made it to the halfway point! 15 days in, 15 days to go.

I decided to look up a "symptom" today. I'm a little concerned - per the Whole30 Timeline this should have happened early on. Am I doomed to have to do another Whole30 - a Whole60?! OMG I don't think I can...not if I have to stick to it 100%. Check out what it says about Days 12-15. I was a little early on my cake dream LOL.

I'm going to continue trusting the process.

Short day at work AND going into a 3 day weekend! I took what was left of my chicken salad, the leftover baby carrots from dinner (seriously, it was like 7 baby carrots), a sweet potato and the new bag of dates in my lunch bag. I polished off the chicken and a couple of dates before having to sit in a meeting for an hour.

My tall, blond, thin, perfect posture at all times, no idea why she isn't a model, co-worker said my outfit was cute today. It's a dress that is too short for work, so I wear it with leggings or tights (today it was tights with round, gold studs down the side of each leg) and knee high black boots. An outfit I've worn many times to work as I've had it for several years. Could be nothing, could be that it just looks better on me. Who knows.

Here's a stock photo of the dress - the colors are not nearly as bright as they are in the photo. Much more muted (like the lime green is really more of an olive). The trim around the neckline is metallic gold (hence going with the gold studded tights)

Home now and need to get a bit of food in me before an afternoon appointment with my financial planner. First I had to do some other financial planning - my husband is a data hog. Last month my cell phone bill was almost DOUBLE because of data overage. I just spent 20 minutes on hold to get them to split him off to his own account.

For lunch I threw together a stir-fry. Sort of. That was the plan anyway. I grabbed some frozen shrimp, and frozen green beans and tossed them in a skillet with some clarified butter and a tablespoon-ish of coconut aminos and got them all cooked up and went to toss in some cabbage (aka coleslaw in a bag) and it was all nasty. So it went in the compost bowl and so I squeezed in a big blob of minced garlic, gave in a good flip and stir and dumped it all in a bowl. It was good! Of course 3 hours later and I am starving, but it was enough to get me through my afternoon meeting. I would have added a couple more shrimp and another handful of green beans had I known the cabbage was bad. Oh well - live and learn, next time I'll pull all the ingredients before I start to cook! That's probably how normal people do it right?

Dinner looked a whole lot like lunch. I threw the rest of the shrimp and green beans in the skillet, added some more clarified butter, coconut aminos, garlic, mushrooms and shredded carrot and cranked it up on high (don't judge...I was hungry!) stirred until hot, dumped in two bowls and called it a night.

Here's to 2ish more weeks!