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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Day 2!

Successful day 2 of Whole30. As far as I can tell, Mr. P. left with an apple (maybe 2) and some carrots. 

I made it a point to make myself some breakfast - 5 scrambled eggs nearly beaten to death with the KitchenAid (how else do you get fluffy eggs when you can't add milk or cream?) and a can of crushed pineapple in juice. 

Mental note - put the other can of pineapple in the fridge. It's so much yummier when it's cold!

And water. Good old water. I've been filling up the Brita tank religiously. I like my water COLD and frankly our tap water is gross so I don't want to ruin my cold water with nasty ice cubes. I'm a water snob. I admit it. I will drink tap water at my in-law's house in Georgia or at the cabin in Tennessee, but i'm not a fan of Florida tap water. It doesn't have to be bottled, but it does have to be filtered.

I don't think Mr. P. really cares for sweet potatoes. He only ate a couple of bites of the large one I made for him last night, so I nuked it and called it lunch. I didn't even add extra cinnamon. 

He came home from work while I was out in the back yard and fried up a couple of eggs for himself and then headed next door to work on the roof. I've been gone awhile - almost a year ago we bought the house next door to us when it went up for auction. We'll get caught up on that later. Just know we completely gutted it and it's going to be fabulous.

I snacked on some baby carrots. They were kind of bitter. I've had enough water to float a barge thru the Panama Canal and i've realize that we were soooo NOT prepared to start this Whole30. Aside from the fresh fruits and vegetables and some frozen meat - everything here is off limits. Luckily - we  have that house next door. We have the new fridge there already - even though it's still completely gutted inside. I'm emptying our fridge and taking all the stuff that is off limits over there for the duration of these 30 days. Things like butter...and sour cream...and cheese...and all those condiments. I don't want to have to dig thru the fridge to try to find the one thing I can have. Plus i'm going to need a lot of room for lunch containers. 

Dinner was good - I can think of several ways to make it delicious, but they're not legit for now.  Stuffed Acorn Squash - click the link to see the recipe over at Stupid Easy Paleo. I left out the bacon (because I don't have any that meets the requirements) and the fennel...because I don't like fennel. 

Voila! The final product. I plated it up pretty and added some slivered almonds because my friend Angela is a chef and if I mention food on Facebook there HAS to be a photo. 

I also tossed the rest of my sweet potatoes in the crock pot to cook overnight. Easy peasy prep and the house will smelled delicious! Similar to Day 1 - I scrub the potatoes, brush with coconut oil, sprinkle with cinnamon, poke some holes and wrap in foil individually. Stack 'em up in the crock pot and you can let them go on low for 8 hours or high for 4 hours. I store them in a large, covered container in the fridge - still wrapped in the foil) and pull them out as needed, slice them open, sprinkle more cinnamon and reheat in the microwave (minus the foil).