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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Day 19

I woke up in a great mood on Day 19. We are FINALLY getting a few days in a row of "cold" weather here in Florida. This morning it was 43 degrees when I got in the Jeep. I know that isn't "cold", but that's typical "winter" in Florida and it's cold enough to wear boots and maybe a scarf without roasting at some point during the day. We take full advantage! That said - since we own homes in both Florida and Tennessee - I can tell you that 43 in Florida is MUCH colder feeling than 43 in Tennessee. The humidity makes a crazy difference. When we're in Tennessee and it's in the 40s I'm fine in jeans and a 3/4 sleeve tee and flip flops! Maybe a cardigan if we're going to be outside for an extended period of time. The locals will have on a full furry hooded parka like they're expecting snow.  Speaking of snow. 39 years ago today it snowed all the way down to Miami, FL. The Day it Snowed in Miami  and Snow in Tampa - I was only 4 so I don't remember it, however I do remember the last time we had snow in Orlando - it was Christmas 1989 (well a couple of days before Christmas).

I made myself breakfast today. Since it was freezing in the house I wanted a hot breakfast. So I whipped up another batch of last night's dinner - only I made everything separate and tossed it together at the end. MUCH better looking that way. It still needs something. I mean it's fine, but some seasoning would boost it. I think I will pick up some sausage to make this next week.

For lunch I had chicken salad, a fruit cup and a sweet potato. Nothing exciting there. I do actually like my chicken salad, but I do wish I could get my mayo to taste more like Duke's

Dinner is balsamic herb chicken thighs, broccoli and a new recipe - Marinated Grilled Mushrooms. Sadly, the chicken was a dud. Like so bad it all went in the garbage. An entire bag of chicken thighs worth. They had this funky texture and were loaded with fat. LOADED. As in - where's the meat? I also didn't care for the mushrooms. Which wasn't really a surprise as I am not a fan of lemon juice. I don't want a lemon in my water, or tea, or the Diet Coke I used to drink. I don't want it squeezed over my salad or seafood. I just don't like it. 

So here it is 9pm and I'm eating chicken salad. Which means I will have to make more tomorrow and figure out what's for lunch since I was planning on leftover chicken. 

On a happier note - I got an Amazon box today! A big ol' bag of cashews and a box of coconut cream pie Larabars. Which reminds me, I ate my 2nd Apple Pie Larabar today. Thank God I only bought two. Blech! The coconut one is good.