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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 6!! It's not that bad.

Actually it's not even remotely "bad" - it just takes a little work and planning.

Today was not a great planning day, but I did stay on track.

Whipped up some Whole30 ranch dressing this morning and another batch of mayo since I was using up what was left of the first batch. Then I forgot to grab a jar of salad. Which was ok, because I also stuck the dressing in the fridge to meld a bit while I got ready for work and well...that's where it stayed all day. At least it should be tasty for day 7!

I made more chicken salad for breakfast and I went out to lunch with my co-workers. They were kind and let me choose the place. We went to Outback Steakhouse and I ordered an unbuttered, unseasoned sirloin with unbuttered, unseasoned mixed vegetables, and a naked sweet potato (and water - for the record, I don't like their water). I did have my small bottle of ghee and a small shaker of cinnamon in my purse - so I drizzled a little 'butter' on my veggies and the potato got both. Everything was delicious. Seriously delicious.

I also had a handful of dates that I stuffed with raw cashews for 'dessert'. 

Mr. P. made dinner again - he grilled a couple of grass-fed steaks and a mix of squash and zucchini and then roasted some green beans. 

He also made clarified butter. Who is this man in my kitchen?

I almost forgot - I broke my water streak today. This morning I had some 100% cranberry juice. I love cranberry juice. I couldn't tell you the last time I had it - I swore off juice a long time ago because of it being high in sugar (natural or otherwise). It was a nice change. I may have a small glass each morning. Aside from that, I will just stick to water. 

Woke up this morning and Mr. P. was gone. Still not sure if he has randomly decided to be quiet in the morning or if I am indeed sleeping better because of the Whole30 and the magic being worked on my insides.