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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 22!

Seriously...I feel like the countdown has been started from day 1.

Today was my half day at work so I just threw something in my bag for breakfast. That turned out to be a cooked sweet potato and a container of cashews.

Then I worked late - somehow I was short 5 hours this week! I made up 2. Too much to do at the house to stick around and make up the rest.

I ordered Outback curbside to pick up on my way home. The usual - plain steak, plain sweet potato, plain mixed veggies. On the form you pick your entree and how you want it cooked (seared or fire grilled) and then your two sides and they both have a box for any special requests - and the potatoes pop up with check boxes for toppings. I chose "Dry" for my sweet potato. Then at the bottom there's a box for any special requests for the main dish. I put "plain" and they called me twice to verify that "plain" meant - wait for it.... no seasoning. Are there multiple definitions of "plain"? Whatever - it was ready when I got there AND I had a 10% off lunch coupon. Saved me $2...

I rushed home and gobbled it up while watching PLL on the DVR before Mr. P. got home.

Then I emptied the dishwasher (yet again...) and did the dishes (yet again) and reloaded the dishwasher (one more time...) and there are two skillets currently soaking in the kitchen sink. 

Then there's this adorable little knock at the door. I froze. Who the heck is knocking on my door. I never answer the door when I'm not expecting someone. I peeked out the window in the office - close call. It was the little girl from two doors down...and her wagon of GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. I know it was only a temporary reprieve...she'll be back. Maybe I'll buy a box for Georgia or stash a box of Thin Mints in the freezer for what seems like 6 months from now. 

Now that it's nearly 6pm I need to get the laundry started, finish the damn dishes and figure out what to make this weekend.

I'm thinking stuffed zucchini boats will be in there somewhere...and a frittata.

 Dinner - burger in a bowl from 5 Guys. Extra grilled mushrooms for me, lettuce, mustard, onion and mushrooms for the Mr. Pretty sure that's not going to be enough food for him. $17 - for what amounts to a small salad and 4 hamburger patties. At least I don't have to do any more dishes today.