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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Day 8 - are these posts getting old yet?

Day 8 - While I did remember to actually put the salad in my lunch bag - I have to say that it was not that great.

I added more salad mix and diced up a cucumber to toss in. I was not a fan of my "ranch" dressing. I added more mayo to it, but it didn't thicken it up at all. Going to have to find something different. 

Chicken salad had grapes and slivered almonds. Mr. P. swiped the last 2 apples before I got up. You snooze you lose at the cottage.

I also had a sweet potato and a fruit cup. Water as well (of course...)

No real plan for dinner (never good...) but Mr. P. pulled through and whipped up another round of the Garlic Lemon Shrimp with a side of mixed veggies and some sauteed green beans. I added a small glass of cranberry juice.

We talked about a couple of places we could go for dinner out. A local seafood place and a local sports bar that does (what I call) Cheap Chicken Mondays. They have something like 50 sauces for their wings and chicken tenders and they're $.50 each on Mondays. They are pretty accommodating and will grill up the tenders "plain" I'm going to see if they have balsamic vinegar and if they'd toss 'em in that for me. 

Aside from spending my evening doing the laundry, I am working on my food prep list for next week. I am planning to put everything together on Sunday and load up the fridge for grab and go. I need to pick up a couple of small bottles or something for individual salad dressing. My assortment of containers all sort of "pop" when taking the lid off and with a rather watery dressing it goes EVERYWHERE. Maybe those little FAA approved travel bottles of shampoo and such? Easy enough to clean with a little hot water and a drop of dish soap - shake rinse, rinse and rinse again...