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Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 23...

Here we are...Day 23. I was hoping this was the 7 day count down. I will say that I am looking forward to Day 31 because I am going to make CHILI. I certainly hope it will still be cold. I'm a little sad that I've missed out on my favorite "winter weather" meals. Being in FL we really only have a handful of cold days so I never get to make ALL my favorite cold weather meals, but here we are, probably the coldest it will get in Central Florida and I can't make hot cocoa. I can't make piping hot apple cinnamon oatmeal. No chili and corn bread, no potato soup with homemade croutons and crispy bacon. Creamy chicken and wild rice soup is also out. Just a few things I'm missing this morning as I contemplate going to get my socks. My feet are freezing. My feet also look skinny. I can actually see some bones...and if I sit up straight and suck my stomach in - my boobs actually stick out farther than my gut again. 

I have to say, I'm a bit curious as to how much (if any) weight I have lost. I won't know until I go back to the doctor. 

Mr. P. fried up the last three eggs for himself this morning. So now I need to figure out what I'm going to have for breakfast. There are a couple of small Yukon Golds left and a couple of uncooked sweet potatoes and an apple or two (clearly I need to go shopping today). I might dice them all up and make my self some mixed potato apple hash. 

Last night I gave Mr. P. some new salts. I popped into Marshall's to pick up a birthday gift and I always have to check out the gourmet food section because they always have cool stuff. They had some compliant dried apples but I thought they were a bit too pricey. Then I found the baggies of salt. They were $2.99 each (also's SALT). Mr. P loves to grill and make rubs for meat that he puts on the smoker, so I'm always up for fancy salt to add to the mix. I picked up black Hawaiian Lava Salt, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt and Apple Smoked Sea Salt. The smoked ones are quite smokey smelling!

I ended up making hash, but no apple. It was delicious!

I scrubbed the potatoes, peeled and diced the sweet potato, diced and rinsed the Yukon Golds, tossed in a skillet with clarified butter and stirred it around a bit over medium heat. Once the butter was sizzling I sprinkled on some paprika, white pepper and black Hawaiian Lava Sea Salt added a splash of water and put a lid on it. I set the timer for 5 minutes and came back to stir. Twice. Checked a piece of each type and called it done. I think Mr. P. would even like it and he's really not big on sweet potatoes.

I had a coconut cream pie Larabar for a snack late afternoon and there's a turkey breast in the oven for dinner. Not sure what I'm going to make to go with it. I might dice some more sweet potatoes and toss in a handful of dried cranberries that Amazon delivered yesterday. Can't seem to find any without added sugar around here.

Dinner was delicious - although there was an issue with the turkey. So let's just clear the air. I don't cook. I'm not good at it. So I made a RAW turkey breast for the first time. OMG raw meat is so gross. Anyway - I followed the directions - which were to remove the outer bag, but leave the mesh on, brush turkey with oil. Easy enough. I brushed the turkey with coconut oil, put it on a cooling rack in a jelly roll pan and put it in the oven. 350 for about 2 hours (per the bag). At 2 hours, the  included timer still hadn't popped up. at 2 hours and 15 minutes Mr. P stuck a thermometer in it and it was done (per internal temp reading) - timer still hadn't popped (and for the record it never did). So about that oil...apparently, I didn't oil it enough because there was no slicing this turkey. It just came apart in chunks because it was all stuck to the mesh. It still tasted good.  We had the sweet potato hash with cranberries and mixed veggies to round it out. Not pretty, but pretty good.