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Friday, January 15, 2016

Day 14 - time has slowed down

Sadly, I am not holding the winning PowerBall ticket that was sold in Florida. Or Tennessee for that matter. Shattered dreams! All the good I could have done with that jackpot...I hope the three (at current count) winners choose to spread at least a little of their newfound wealth around to help make the world a better place.

It's day 14. It feels like it is taking FOR.EVER. for the halfway point to get here. Did I mention I'm sleeping like a rock? This morning Mr. P. woke me up and I asked him if it was 5:15 or 6:15 because the clock on his nightstand got moved just a hair and the ceiling projection was right on the edge of a soffit that is over the head of our bed. Turns out it was 6:15. I said "great, why didn't my alarm go off at 6?" as I blindly grabbed for my phone. He said "It 6" Oh. Hmmm well, it WAS like a foot away from my head so - wow really? I slept thru the alarm. Ok then - time to change the chime I guess! I was tired yesterday. I did go to bed around 10. I am kinda struggling this morning. I'd like to go back to bed. 

Not going to happen - especially since I didn't win the PowerBall.

Alas - I'm up and there is already a large reptile in my shower, so I guess I'm not going back to bed.

Breakfast: chicken salad, fruit and a little almond butter

Lunch: Apple Cider Vinegar chicken, sweet potato and fruit (let it be known that I sat in our break room ALONE eating my lunch surrounded by trays of food from the catered lunch today - Caesar salad, rosemary chicken, alfredo pasta, rolls, butter, cookies, brownies, tropical chips, sweet tea and soda)

Dinner: Apple Cider Vinegar chicken, steamed broccoli, cauliflower and baby carrots plus a small glass of cranberry juice (I am rather tired of water, I don't drink coffee and I can't stand unsweetened tea - that's just not southern!)

Today's observations:

  • I can't see a difference, but I'm not struggling with my seat belt
  • For the most part I am not hungry
  • Planning is key
  • It's easy to say no
I printed out a 2016 monthly calendar. I marked off my January days of Whole30. I plugged in my reintroduction days and what I should add to my diet those days. I went out through the end of March and wrote in places that I want to go out to eat after our Whole30 is complete (which is like the middle of February once you add in the reintroduction phase). I also added a couple of meals that I really want - like toasted cheese sandwiches and tomato soup! It's finally gotten cold here and I can't have a sandwich. Or a good chili (sorry - chili HAS to have beans and cornbread!). We typically go out to breakfast on Sunday mornings so I added that back in and have already adjusted my regular order in my head. I read somewhere that 3 meals a week that aren't fully Whole30 is reasonable. I figured I would add in one day a week for lunch out with my co-workers, Sunday breakfast and one dinner out or one home cooked dinner that isn't optimal. Like cowboy beans and corn casserole.

I wish I had taken before photos and measurements. If you're thinking about doing Whole30, be sure to do those two things. You're not allowed to weigh or measure yourself during the Whole30. They want you to focus on the food, your cravings, what you struggle with, your overall relationship with food - we all know it's typically all about the number on the scale. I will never be skinny. I have NEVER been skinny. I don't have a desire to be skinny. I want to be average. Just plain old average. I sort of want to get back into running. I'm not looking to get into marathons or even half marathons, but to be able to run (or at least jog) a whole 5K again would be great. I remember back in 1997 when I went through a bad break-up I did the stress-depression diet and dropped 35 pounds in a couple of weeks. Once I was out of bed I started walking to try to keep the weight off. That turned into jogging and then running. I had a two mile route mapped through our neighborhood and I did it every day. Sometimes twice a day. I started taking a gym bag to work and changing into my running gear before I left so I just parked the Jeep and went running before going into the house for fear I wouldn't do it once I went inside. I didn't lose any more weight, but it was enough to keep me from gaining any of it back once I started eating again. I can find time for two miles again.